More Proof That Princess Charlotte Is Very Mature for Her Age

There’s been more than a few accusations that the Windsors have had inbreeding for generations, leading to potential flaws in their DNA. If there was any concern about this by the queen in recent years, having William marrying Kate Middleton helped deflect things. This is even more the case with Harry marrying Meghan Markle to bring African-American blood into the bloodline.

While there seems to be intelligence in the Windsors, we often see more intelligent kids who pop up in later generations. Perhaps Princess Charlotte was blessed by new and amazing genes. The reason is Charlotte seems to be quite sophisticated for her age, including liking a specific food a little uncommon with toddlers.

Having a girl in the family likely helped the intelligence gene

Let’s stop and remember nearly all the children of the most famous royals have been boys. The only exception would be Sarah Ferguson who had two daughters (Eugenie and Beatrice) with Prince Andrew. Those girls have grown up to be very intelligent women who defend their controversial mother to the core.

Well over a quarter of a century has gone by since a girl was born into the Windsor line. We like to think that Princess Charlotte inherited the best genes and may explain why she’s acting older than her years.

You can see evidence of her evolving intelligence from recent media photos showing a sophisticated expression and knowing where the cameras are.

Waving and smiling to the crowd

Another sign of Princess Charlotte maturing quickly is in pics showing her waving and smiling to crowds, indicating a self-awareness of who she is.

Some might argue infants just mimic what they see adults do. Of course, William and Harry didn’t really smile and wave to the cameras when they were Charlotte’s age.

Evidence of this comes from last summer when Charlotte was seen perfecting the royal wave after the wedding of Harry and Meghan. Her intelligent wave was caught on camera and covered by all the cable news networks.

Learning how to cook with mom

There could be evidence that all of William and Kate’s kids are above-average in intelligence. It helps when Kate works hard to make sure her kids know how to make food on their own.

Reports are the kids enjoy making pancakes together for breakfast. Then there’s dinner where Charlotte is already making a favorite cheesy pasta.

Were you making pasta at age three? Most of us probably were not, which means adult Charlotte can cook her future family true gourmet meals when the royals become even more evolved.

Enjoying an unusual snack

Recently, we wrote about another unusual Charlotte activity. It turns out she isn’t interested in typical three-year-old snacks. Some might assume Charlotte loves graham crackers, raisins, applesauce, or bowls of cereal.

No, we found out Charlotte loves to eat olives, something sounding somewhat British, yet usually in someone twenty times her age.

Part of this seems to stem from cooking the cheesy pasta above. It’s also worth noting the health benefits of eating olives. At least they’re ten times better than eating a bag of potato chips in one day.

Food has become an essential part of the kids’ lives, with Kate teaching them the importance of mental health when it comes to doing physical activities.

Will Charlotte be the leader in the family as an adult?

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge
Princess Charlotte of Cambridge | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Sure, we see all the AI programs that try to make it look like what William and Kate’s kids will look like as adults. With above-average actions from Charlotte, we already have an essence of how she’ll turn out when in her 20s and beyond.

If royal family protocol exists as we know it several decades from now, circumstance could make Charlotte Queen down the road. She’d probably cook up a big bowl of cheesy pasta for every commoner and change the royal game.