Will There Be More Videos In ‘The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star’ Series? Shane Dawson Fans Have Mixed Reactions About His Instagram Live

Earlier this year, Shane Dawson published his trailer for The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star — compete with clips of James Charles’ apology video, his engagement with Ryland, and the behind-the-scenes aspects of the beauty world. Some fans, however, are a little disappointed in Shane Dawson’s recent announcement on Instagram Live. Will there be more videos in this YouTube documentary series? Here’s what we know.

After the Conspiracy Collection sold out, Shane Dawson went on Instagram Live to discuss ‘The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star’

If you saw the trailer for The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star, you might’ve noticed some things were missing from the remaining episodes. Instead of focusing on the “drama” of last year, Shane Dawson published videos that dealt almost exclusively with the creation of his beauty products.

Jeffree Star reassured fans that there would be at least one more episode of the series. This episode would showcase the launch date and how they reacted to the Jeffree Star Cosmetics website crashing. However, Shane Dawson was a little conflicted about posting more videos right away. On Instagram Live, he stated he might need a break from editing. In fact, he might exclude the drama altogether. The fan reactions to this announcement were split, to say the least.

Beauty influencer Jeffree Star meets fans
Beauty influencer Jeffree Star meets fans | Photo by Glenn Hampson/Newspix/Getty Images

Some fans want Shane Dawson to discuss more than just his Conspiracy Collection

After Shane Dawson ended his Instagram Live, fans took to social media, sharing their thoughts about his rant. Some were understanding of Shane Dawson’s break, for his mental health. However, others wanted the YouTube celebrity to showcase more of the drama.

“Wait, so you basically used drama in a trailer to get people interested in the series and then gave us six episodes of a commercial for your palette, sold your palette, and made your millions, then decided you’re taking away the drama that got a lot of people interested,” wrote one Twitter user. “Also now those portions where you showed Sisters Apparel ads feel really weird now.”

“Not that my opinion matters, but I can tell you as a viewer the reveal did not feel like the finale. I think it would be a disservice to your views who have the series to not show it,” said another Twitter user. “I think the drama part should be a separate series next year. I agree it wouldn’t feel right in this series. It’s an important lesson I think a lot of people need to see especially in the world of social media today.”

Other fans suggested ways Shane Dawson could add to ‘The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star’

Some fans sent tweets to Shane Dawson with suggestions for the future of The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star. The overwhelming consensus was that there should be at least one more episode in this multi-part documentary.

“The next episode could be all about your launch and the meet and greet and then at the end, start to reference what has happened this year to get you here (include a tiny bit of your unseen drama footage). I think people would be perfectly happy to watch this for over an hour,” suggested another Twitter user.

“Then do an episode about the drama. If you have already spoken to everyone involved and they are happy for you to show what you have, then absolutely do it. It happened so long ago now and they all have grown more for it,” they continued.

Episodes of The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star are available for streaming on YouTube.