25 Most Controversial TV Show Moments of All Time

A TV show can unite viewers or divide them. After all, what appeals to one person can rub someone else the wrong way. While some of the following scenes are graphic in nature, others are shocking for more surprising reasons. These are the most controversial TV moments of all time. You won’t believe the hidden message in one Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood scene (on page 10).

1. When Seinfeld insulted Puerto Ricans

Most people would agree that toward the end of its run, Seinfeld wasn’t quite as good as it was in its heyday. One of the final episodes of the series, titled “The Puerto Rican Day,” certainly proved that hypothesis, and sparked a controversy.

The episode sees the central characters stuck in traffic due to the city’s annual Puerto Rican Day Parade. There are several problematic moments, specifically one in which Kramer sets on fire and then stomps on a Puerto Rican flag. This angered many, including the then-president of the National Puerto Rican Coalition. NBC was forced to apologize, and the episode was banned for a number of years.

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