The Most Delusional Fox News Hosts

large network of Fox News hosts, correspondents, and contributors cover everything from climate change to sexual assault. Many feel free to say whatever comes to mind and it can be quite a shock when they get the facts wrong.

What are the most outlandish things they’ve said? These are the people who some consider to be the most “delusional” figures at Fox News and what they did to provoke public ire. As likely the most popular TV personality, one Fox News host made an outrageous, controversial comment (page 8).

1. Tomi Lahren

Left: Tomi Lahren. | Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images, Right: Iraqi refugees. | Delil Souleiman/AFP/Getty Images

Why she’s delusional: Tomi Lahren seems to think all refugee are also rapists.

She said: “They will never have refugees or rapeugees in their back yard. I don’t think they’re going to pump refugees into Beverly Hills … They will never be near one but it’s easy for them to stand on a stage and talk about [the issue].”

One of Lahren’s most inflammatory statements went viral when she said “rape-u-gees” while discussing celebrities raising awareness about Middle Eastern refugees. The 25-year-old originally got her start creating right-wing videos for her 4.3 million Facebook followers. Now Lahren works on digital projects for Fox News and serves as a contributor to the network.

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