Fox News Hosts Who Turned Heads With Controversial Statements

Fox News’ large network of hosts and correspondents cover everything from school shootings to international affairs. Many feel free to say whatever comes to mind, often leading to backlash and controversy.

So what are the most outlandish things they’ve said or done? We consider these people the most controversial Fox News hosts of our time. The most delusional figure of all shocked viewers with his outrageous comment (on page 9).

1. Liz Trotta suggests someone should kill Barack Obama

Liz Trotta | Fox News

The controversy: The Fox News contributor shockingly joked about killing President Obama and then laughed. “Now we have what some are reading as a suggestion that somebody knock off Osama, uh Obama. Well, both, if we could,” she said.

The backlash: Trotta returned the next day with an apology, saying:

I am so sorry about what happened yesterday and the lame attempt at humor. I fell all over myself, making it appear that I wished Barack Obama harm or any other candidate, for that matter, and I sincerely regret it and apologize to anybody I have offended. It is a very colorful political season and many of us are making mistakes and saying things we wish we had not said.

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