Most Hated TV Show Endings That Frustrated Viewers

In a perfect world, all of our favorite TV shows would end just as perfectly as they started. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Far too often, some of TV most-watched shows end so poorly their viewers end up turning against them. With help from BuzzFeed, we take a look at 15 TV show endings that frustrated viewers. (The ending of the show on page 15 may never be forgiven.)

1. How I Met Your Mother

‘How I Met Your Mother’ | Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

Devoted fans of the hit comedy were disappointed when the show finally introduced “the mother” only to have her die off almost as quickly. Then main character Ted got back together with long-time friend Robin, which seemed like such a letdown after so many seasons.

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2. The Sopranos

‘The Sopranos’ | Anthony Neste/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images

Despite being one of the most critically-acclaimed shows of the modern era, some fans of the mob family drama weren’t content with the show’s ending. As Tony Soprano gathers his family at a diner with the threat of being killed hanging in the air, the picture suddenly cuts to black and the credits roll — leaving the audience with no real answers.

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3. Girls

‘Girls’ | ANDERSON/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

One of the HBO hit’s biggest criticism’s was that its four main characters didn’t really grow up and evolve as people — particularly the main character, Lena Dunham’s Hannah. Then the series finale focused solely on Hannah and didn’t offer a proper send off to any of its other characters. The result left audiences unsatisfied.

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4. Dexter

‘Dexter’ | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

As one fan aptly summarized for BuzzFeed: “They just undid eight seasons of character development in one episode.” Sure, the show starting to lose some of its firepower towards the end. But the final episode featuring Dexter somehow managing to survive sailing through a hurricane and changing himself into a lumberjack just never made sense.

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5. Mad Men

‘Mad Men’ | GONZALO/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

For a show that was so good with character development, Mad Men unfortunately wrapped up with an open-ended finale that didn’t give audiences any kind of closure. Plus, the final shot was of Don Draper meditating by the beach — not very on-brand, to say the least.

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6. Angel

‘Angel’ | Getty Images

The problem with the Buffy spin-off was that it was canceled halfway through its fifth season. So although the writers tried to wrap up story lines so it didn’t appear to be an open-ended mess, that’s kind of how Angel ended anyways.

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7. The X-Files

‘The X-Files’ | FOX via Getty Images

Fans of The X-Files got a double-dose of disappointment with this one. The original series finale left too many things open in its preparation to be made into a movie. Then, after the show was rebooted for Netflix, only to end with its own insane ending where half of the characters were killed off.

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8. True Blood

‘True Blood’ | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Fans of the vampire drama spent season after season following Bill and Sookie’s insane relationship. Then the show ends with Bill dying and a large time jump that features a pregnant Sookie and a baby-daddy that viewers never see. The ending left fans infuriated.

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9. Pretty Little Liars

‘Pretty Little Liars’ | Eric McCandless/ABC Family via Getty Images

The CW’s scream queen dramedy built up suspense season after season, leaving fans guessing time and again who the mysterious villain was. The show concluded, though, with the bad guy being a character that had not been previously introduced — character Spencer randomly had an evil twin? — making the whole experience rather underwhelming.

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10. Roseanne

‘Roseanne’ | ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images

The original conclusion of Roseanne was so convoluted and incomprehensible — wait, she made all of that up because she was writing a book?! — it was pretty much ignored when the show got revamped years later. Of course, that turned into a drama of its own when Roseanne Barr was booted from the show.

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11. Friends

‘Friends’ | Getty Images

There was potential for Friends to end their series on a high note. But the ending just ended up being sad, with Rachel choosing to continue her toxic relationship with Ross than take a big job, and Joey being the only character left without a significant other. The whole thing was a mess.

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12. Gilmore Girls

‘Gilmore Girls’ | Warner Bros./Delivered by Online USA/ Getty Images

When the series originally ended, fans and cast members alike didn’t feel like characters were given the proper send-off they deserved. The show got a second chance to wrap everything up nicely with a reboot on Netflix — then proceeded to give it an even more frustrating and open-ended send-off.

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13. Desperate Housewives

‘Desperate Housewives’ | Peter “Hopper” Stone/ABC via Getty Images

As a couple of viewers divulged on BuzzFeed, the ending to Desperate Housewives came off as rather lazy. After all the drama that took place on Wisteria Lane, the show ends with everyone leaving and not speaking to each other ever again. Underwhelming, to say the least.

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14. Quantum Leap

‘Quantum Leap’ stars Dean Stockwell and Scott Bakula | George Rose/Getty Images

Heck, even the shows main stars have come out and expressed how upset they were about the ending! The show was originally supposed to extend passed that season, but ABC canceled it after that final episode was finally in the can. After five fun-filled seasons, Sam Beckett’s travels came to a screeching halt. (Plus, the character’s name was spelled wrong on the final shot.)

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15. Lost

‘Lost’ | Reisig and Taylor/ABC via Getty Images

With how out-of-control and insane the plot of Lost got, it’s sort of fitting that it ended in just as confusing of a fashion. The polarizing finale left fans completely divided. Were the characters stuck in purgatory? What was the point of this show anyways? Nearly a decade after it ended, frustrated fans are still talking about what the finale of Lost means.