25 of the Most Insane Musicians’ Backstage Demands

The entertainment business is no stranger to crazy demands. There are many actors who have demanded some wild things while filming a project. And the more star power they have, the crazier the demands seem to get.

The same thing goes for musicians, DJs, and singers who go on tour. They often try to make their tour accommodation as comfortable as possible so they can unwind from work. Sometimes that means expensive cars, all the bacon you could ever want, and adult material.

So what are the craziest things A-listers have asked for backstage? Here are 25 of the most insane musicians’ backstage demands.

1. Foo Fighters demanded meals without rocks in their 52 page list

Dave Grohl is running on stage with his guitar.

Foo Fighters | Chris Hyde/Getty Images

For the band’s 2011 world tour, they outdid themselves by creating a 52 page list for their rider that included coloring book pages and games. One of their requests was pretty basic, but funny, saying that a “lame entree” is a sandwich, pickles, and a side of rocks, and therefore shouldn’t be made. They also include a detailed “ice recipe.” 

Unfortunately, the band can’t take credit for the funny rider list. “Our tour manager, Gus Brandt, has always been the one to write the rider,” explained Dave Grohl to Rolling Stone. “That’s his personality and sense of humor – he’s a wicked smarta**. And after the last rider gained so much positive attention, we were all very proud that someone got it.”

The coloring book theme also wasn’t their first choice. “The first idea was to make the rider look exactly like a laminated Waffle House menu, with, like, suggested servings and shit like that,” Grohl continued. “But evidently that was just a little too tricky, so we opted for the coloring book.”

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