These Are the Most Popular Fox News Hosts of All Time

Fox News regularly claims the throne for viewership ratings. Their conservative hosts get backlash for some comments, but viewers keep coming back for moreWhether they left the network due to controversy or their careers are still going strong, these are the most beloved hosts from the popular network, in no particular order. One controversial figure was named the most popular Fox News host in history (page 9).

1. Shepard Smith

Shepard Smith reporting behind a news desk.

Fox News viewers either love or hate Shepard Smith. | Fox News

Many Fox News fans voice their distaste for Shepard Smith’s support of same-sex marriage, belief in climate change, and defense of CNN. Despite his liberal-leaningsShepard Smith Reporting typically averages about 1.43 million total viewers. Smith must be doing something right; Fox renewed their deal with him in early 2018.

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