6 Most Promising Singers on ‘The Voice’ Season 11

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The new season of The Voice has definitely kicked off to a good start. Although we have delved deep into how Miley Cyrus as a coach, negatively affects the show, the saving grace has definitely been the great amount of talent that has come to audition. We are still watching the four coaches put together their teams, but we are already seeing who are going to be the front runners and the fillers for the season.

Front runners, of course, have to have a great voice. Typically the winner of the show has a voice that is not so unique that it can’t change genres, and is big enough to blow the room away. They get the attention of the entire panel of judges, if not just the majority. So who does this leave us with? Here are the six most promising singers this season.

1. Billy Gilman

Want to predict whether someone is going to win it all? A good sign is having all four judges turn around. Luckily Billy Gilman was able to do just that with his rendition of “When We Were Young.” The song was able to show his impressive range, and his voice can truly fit into any kind of genre.

Fans have definitely showed their support behind him as a contestant. On YouTube he had 5,613,017 views at the time of writing. He also has awesome connections with Miley Cyrus and Blake Shelton. It’s obvious that he has been doing this for years, and this could be the platform that launches him into stardom. After every coach made their case, it was Adam who won Gilman on his team. As a coach, Adam has shown that he is able to make a winner multiple times.

2. Courtney Harrell

The songwriter definitely showed that she belonged on the stage by singing “Let It Go.” She basically had Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus losing their minds in their seats during her performance. Her song choice showed that she can be impressive in softer notes along with the higher and more powerful ones. She will have to be smart about her song choice or she could be sent home. However given her professional experience she shows a lot of potential. Harrell made the surprising choice to go with Blake as her coach, but he has shown to do well with any artist.

3. Dave Moisan

Here is another candidate gunning for the win! Moisan sang “Sex and Candy,” a song that was nice and sultry. The biggest sign of his potential is that all four chairs turned around for him. The great thing about his performance is that it wasn’t exactly showy but it still showed his amazing range. There were comparisons to Adam Levine due to his falsetto and high pitch. In the end he chose Alicia Keys, so he may be the key to her first win.

4. Dana Harper

Harper took on “Jealous” and was able to show off her unique lower register in the song. This made her undeniably good to Blake, Alicia, and Adam. Her tone is what really will make her stand out in The Voice, and could make her a nice surprise later in the show. It will definitely come down to song choice in order for her to be able to show off her amazing range. She’s definitely a secret weapon for Team Blake.

5. Nolan Neal

This could be the redemption story of the season! Neal previously auditioned on the show, but didn’t get through. Adam told him to switch his song choice and to come back so they can win together. Well he came back with “Tiny Dancer” and was able to turn around all four chairs. “You’re going to win this thing if you get to the finale,” Blake told him. That could very well be true and that could mean Team Adam will win this season.

6. Riley Elmore

Chances are if Frank Sinatra auditioned on The Voice he would win it. So that puts Riley Elmore in a very interesting position. Elmore sang “The Way You Look Tonight” and was a dead ringer for the legend. He only got two chairs but he comes in second with views on YouTube. Chances are high that if he keeps showing off his classic voice then people are going to go with what they know and pick him as their winner.

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