Move Over, Carol Baskin — ‘Tiger King’ Fans Will Love These Three True Crime Shows About Women

The true-crime genre never ends, only because the stories of murder keep increasing in complexity, not including the accused murderers. While a good chunk of those murderers are proven and mostly male, stories of women in similar situations are out there. Carole Baskin is now in that group, despite only being accused of offing her first husband in her wild cat farm.

With Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness on Netflix being a new true-crime phenomenon, stories of women being involved with crimes have picked up steam. Real examples of women admitting to murders (or roundabout ones) have become subjects of streaming documentaries.

Even if Tiger King probably has more stories to tell about Baskin and Joe Exotic, take a look at these three true-crime shows with women who made headlines.

Joe Exotic feeding a tiger
Tiger King | Netflix

Lorena on Amazon Prime

Those old enough to remember the Lorena Bobbitt murder case will know it also became the butt of jokes for years in the comedy world. Because she became accused of cutting off her husband’s (John Bobbitt’s) manhood, no comedian of the day could resist.

This was back in 1993 when such stories were hardly a recurring theme as they are nowadays. As a result, it placed Lorena Bobbitt on the front page of every tabloid in the country. The stories never ended either, going on through the decade.

In more recent years, talk about Lorena Bobbitt has died down considerably. Now Amazon Prime’s new series Lorena takes a new look at the case and the Bobbitts’ abusive marriage. The revelations about their relationship give new insights into what domestic abuse looked like then and what led Lorena Bobbitt to do what she did.

While the pokes may rekindle about whether this constituted a “murder”, it put her in prison for many years, some say unfairly. Executive-produced by Jordan Peele, this four-part series digs much deeper into exploring the dynamics of a male-dominated media at the time. Also, it looks at John Bobbitt and the double standard of how he evaded charges on accusations of assault.

The Act on Hulu

No doubt many have already heard the odd story of Dee Dee Blanchard and her daughter, Gypsy Rose, for a while now. Many other media outlets did stories about this case, most notably through an HBO documentary, plus a popular true-crime podcast.

Hulu gave a new twist in The Act to explore this odd mother-daughter case further. Rather than go into documentary form, they added actors to portray what might have happened. Patricia Arquette plays Blanchard, and Joey King plays Rose, both to critical acclaim.

Results on this have been through the roof since it allowed more freedom to tell why Blanchard seemed to sicken her own daughter to gain sympathy. Since facts about the case are now widely available, it makes the performances more true-to-life without having to go into wild speculation.

Of course, this was a real murder case since Gypsy Rose killed her mother for doing what she did. It ultimately turns into one of the most complex murder cases in history. Almost everyone will have sympathy for one or the other.

Deadly Women on Amazon Prime

Some thought-provoking true-crime shows on streaming services focus on more than one case. Deadly Women is a good example of this.

Investigation Discovery was the network once carrying this show before rerun episodes ended up on Hulu. After it left there, new episodes started on Amazon Prime where it lives now.

Every episode covers a different murder case with women. Each one is almost as crazy as the cases above, proving the gender mix is equal on those who commit bizarre murders. Some cases are not for the squeamish either based on their grisly details if perhaps a casual caveat for true-crime obsessives.