Movie Presidents Who Might Be Worse Than Donald Trump

The prospect of a Donald Trump presidency was one of the most terrifying possibilities in modern politics for many — and then, it actually happened

The Trump show (otherwise known as our current administration) has continued to dominate headlines since his official inauguration in January 2017. As the president continue to gets embroiled in controversy, it’s hard not to feel like we’re all living in some outlandish movie.

But believe it or not, some movie presidents (like the seven below) are so bad, they might actually make you feel a little bit better about President Trump.

1. President Camacho (Idiocracy)

Idiocracy | 20th Century Fox

Many people have pointed to President Camacho in Mike Judge’s Idiocracy as the harbinger of a potential president like Trump, but some have also noted that at least President Camacho listened to his cabinet members — something many aren’t so sure Trump would do. While that might be true, President Camacho is still no doubt one of the most dangerous presidents in any movie if you can, for one moment, set aside the film’s humor and tone.

What we have in President Camacho is a president who was once a professional wrestler (funnily enough, Trump also had a stint in the WWE), prone to anger and gun use, and whose intelligence is far below the average in comparison to standards today. With all that in play, would you really want President Camacho in charge of nuclear weapons and foreign policy? Luckily, in Idiocracy the world is so ruined there doesn’t appear to be much more he can do anyway.

2. President James Dale (Mars Attacks)

Mars Attacks!
Mars Attacks! | Warner Bros.

When earth is attacked by aliens in Mars Attacks!, President James Dale isn’t exactly brimming with the leadership skills necessary to fend them off. Aside from some generic statements, President Dale spends the majority of the movie bumbling around without any decisive action before getting kidnapped and killed. He is proof that making strong decisions, even if it is a mistake, is often better than sitting back.

3. President Jack Cahill (Escape From L.A.)

Escape from LA
Escape from L.A. | Paramount Pictures

The types of laws that Escape From L.A.’s President Jack Cahill enact are so severe that even Trump and his supporters would revolt. An extreme Christian theocrat, Prsident Cahill pushes for a “moral America” where tobacco, alcohol, red meat, firearms, profanity, and various other things are banned with punishment being a loss of citizenship and deportation to Los Angeles Island.

Oh, and his goal is also to use a high-tech satellite weapon to destroy all of his enemies and eventually rule the world. So yeah — President Jack Cahill is probably worse than Trump.

4. The President (Superman II)

Superman II
Superman II | Warner Bros.

The President in Superman II doesn’t have a huge role, but he makes up for it by bowing to the enemy and abdicating all power of the planet to General Zod. Sure, him and the other leaders of the world don’t exactly have a choice, and he does in fact call upon Superman for help while he can, but that doesn’t excuse his actions. If a president is meant to stand strong for the people the U.S., giving everything to an evil alien is probably not the best move, even if you won’t be up for re-election.

5. President Allen Richmond (Absolute Power)

Absolute Power
Absolute Power | Columbia Pictures

In Clint Eastwood’s political thriller Absolute Power, Eastwood plays a jewel thief who unwittingly witnesses the killing of a woman by the Secret Service following President Allen Richmond’s drunken rendezvous with her. What follows is a game of cat-and-mouse as the president attempts to cover his tracks with other potential murders along the way.

6. President Merkin Muffley (Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb)

Dr Strangelove
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb | Columbia Pictures

President Merkin Muffley of Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb definitely finds himself in a tough situation that wasn’t his fault, but that still means he has to deal with it and make decisive decisions. Instead, President Muffley goes through the film being either indecisive or making snap decisions that eventually cause the situation to escalate beyond his power. Furthermore, his ego ultimately clouds his judgement causing him to make a decision at the end of the film that could have been avoided.

7. The President (Love Actually)

Love Actually
Love Actually | Universal Pictures

Just look at that smug face. Everyone who’s seen the British romantic comedy Love Actually knows one thing: The president in this movie is the worst as he sleazes his way towards the Prime Minister’s love interest. But the truth is that while we don’t know much about the president in this film, besides his lack of morals and desire to get the U.K. under his thumb.

His attitude in Love Actually seems to suggest a cold, calculating president who seems more than willing to use power to get what he wants. While it’s too convenient to throw out the sociopath card, his portrayal in the film certainly makes that a possibility.

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