Movie Theaters and Cinema Through The Decades

Since the invention of cinema in the 19th century, motion pictures have transported people across the world into different times and places. As soon as the invention found its footing, people began to come together to see films. As movies started to get bigger with longer run times, the advent of sound and everything in between, modern day movie theaters were formed.

Small rooms that housed inventions like the vitascope became popular and eventually, nickelodeons, where folks could see movies for a nickel, were all the rage. With the advent of Hollywood and the studio system, lavish movie houses were constructed. By the 1930s you could get snacks and other concessions with your film, and by the 1950’s drive-ins were super popular. Now we have 4D flicks and dine-in experiences. Throughout the years, cinema and movie theaters have come quite a long way.

1. 1890: Magic latern shows

1890: The Praxinoscope Theatre

1890: The Praxinoscope Theatre | General Photographic Agency/Getty Images

The earliest movies were nothing like the ones that we go to now. In fact, they were first called magic lantern shows. People would flock into small rooms, pay a few cents and watch moving pictures through slides using machines like The Praxinoscope.  Now, we attend movies with our family and friends, but in the beginning, before there were any storylines and certainly before there was sound, this was how people first went to the movies.

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