Angelina Jolie Is Just 1 of the Hollywood Stars Who Has Accused Harvey Weinstein

For over three decades beginning with his time at Miramax and then at The Weinstein Company, Harvey Weinstein has reportedly sexually assaulted and harassed dozens of women. Recently, The New York Times published an exposé that revealed the hidden history of harassment that many in Hollywood knew about, but chose to keep secret. Not only were there allegations and firsthand accounts of the allegations, but the Times also discovered that Weinstein had quietly settled with numerous women to keep the accusations from going public.

Before the piece was published– which resulted in The Weinstein Company’s board firing Weinstein — many women were terrified to speak up. Established actresses were afraid that they would no longer be able to find work and would be ostracized by higher-ups in the industry, and the newcomers were afraid they would never work at all.

Journalist Ronan Farrow spent 10 months interviewing a number of women, who were assaulted and harassed by Weinstein for The New Yorker, and to say their accounts are horrifying is an understatement. From Ashley Judd to Angelina Jolie, these are the women who have spoken out about being assaulted by Weinstein.

Rosanna Arquette

Rosanna Arquette smiles in a colorful jacket and necklaces.

Rosanna Arquette | John Sciulli/Getty Images

Rosanna Arquette says she remembers being propositioned by Weinstein in the middle of a business meeting. The Pulp Fiction actress arrived at Weinstein’s hotel room, and he greeted her in a bathrobe. He then allegedly forcibly grabbed Arquette’s hands and tried to make her give him and neck massage.

When she yanked away, Weinstein tried to force her hands near his exposed penis. She told Farrow, “My heart was really racing. I was in a fight-or-flight moment. She told Weinstein, “I will never do that.”

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