Captain Marvel vs. Wonder Woman: Which Female Superhero Has More Powers?

Although both of these female Superheroes have some pretty amazing superpowers, Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman are not just the same heroes in a different costume. Fans of original movies and comic books will know that these superwomen have some pretty distinct differences. With the release of their big screen movie debuts recently (Wonder Woman in 2017 and Captain Marvel in 2019), Marvel and DC have left us with some pretty kickass female heroines to admire. But, which superhero comes out on top in a comparison?

Who is Wonder Woman?

Gal Gadot
Gal Gadot | Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Wonder Woman first appeared in DC comics back in 1941, and although her story of origin has changed a few times, the general back story is: She was gifted her powers by the Gods. She’s a tough Amazonian princess portrayed by Gal Gadot, who is called Princess Diana by her people but just Diana Prince when she is out and about with mere mortals. She’s heavily trained in combat and wields the fierce power of her tiara, which she will throw at opponents when necessary.

Who is Captain Marvel?

Currently, Captain Marvel is the hero otherwise known as Carol Danvers and brought expertly to life by Brie Larson. (Although “Captain Marvel” actually used to be a title held by a DC superhero, years ago). This reinvention of Captain Marvel first appeared in March 1968. Carol is a United States Air Force pilot, but after a horrible accident involving an explosion and a little bit of mystery she comes out the other side with some extraordinary powers.

Captain Marvel would win in a fight

Let’s just cut to the chase: Captain Marvel would win in a fight. She has the power to absorb energy from other places, including, even absorbing the power of an enemy attack. She can take that power, reinvent it, and it becomes the source of her signature photo blasts. These look like bright, protruding bursts of light which can take down a wall, a space ship or an enemy in a single burst.

In Marvel’s most recent Avengers film, Avengers: End Game (spoiler alert) it’s clear that the battle wouldn’t have been won without help from Captain Marvel and her superhuman abilities.

Although Captain Marvel might win, Wonder Woman isn’t going anywhere

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Wonder Woman can trace her roots back to Amazon’s Paradise Island. There, the Amazons were granted immortality. Aside from garnering a heck of a lot of life experience through her exceptionally long life, Wonder Woman can literally outlive Captain Marvel.

Though Wonder Woman may be knocked for a loop by Captain Marvel’s mighty photon blasts, she’s destined to bounce right back, indefinitely. So, if we’re judging longevity, her immortality ranks Wonder Woman higher on our charts.

Which superhero has better tools?

Wonder Woman has the extremely powerful Lasso of Truth. This is more than just your ordinary, luminescent rope. When she captures an opponent inside its loops, not only are they well restrained, but they also are compelled to only speak the truth.

Additionally, Wonder Woman has those signature gold “bracelets of submission.” Which, although originally intended to simply remind her of her roots, have worked well as a shield during a fight. She can repel a speeding bullet with her bracelets, so we’re left wondering if she could also repel one of Captain Marvel’s photon blasts.

Although no tools are specifically hers, we have to attribute various aircraft as Captain Marvel’s tools of choice. As an accomplished pilot and after spending many years in outer space, Captain Marvel has acquired the skills of a master pilot. These skills would suit her well in any battle.

Which female superhero has more powers?

Both of these iconic characters share many of the same powers, like their massive strength or super speed. But, Captain Marvel’s photon energy power is the epitome of strength, and even Wonder Woman cannot overpower that. She may be able to outsmart it or deflect it though.

Though superhero movies with a prominent female lead might be relatively new in the world of Hollywood, these heroes aren’t newcomers to the world of comics.

Although let’s be serious: We’d accept help from either of these strong women if we needed someone on our side of a fight. And, we’d hope if they ever came face-to-face, they’d be on the same team.