Do Netflix Fans Even Want Another Adam Sandler Movie?

In the five years since Adam Sandler made Netflix his new home for his brand of comedy, he’s mostly proven it as a smart creative decision. Streaming platforms allow people to watch movie diversions that, if they don’t love them, at least they feel like they’re not paying a full movie ticket price if they feel cheated.

Many will argue Sandler’s brand of comedy diminished in more recent years from his true gilded age from 15 to 20 years ago. Others might say he has the perfect comedy blend managing to entertain without offending or being too sophisticated.

Whatever your opinion is, audiences ate up the last one (Murder Mystery) with Jennifer Aniston. Do fans want more, or was it the chemistry between these stars really selling the wares this time?

Adam Sandler’s next Netflix movie will co-star Kevin James

Adam Sandler
Adam Sandler | Hector Vivas/Getty Images for NETFLIX

With a working title of Hubie Halloween, Sandler is going to be reuniting with some of his past co-stars for his next Netflix project. Kevin James is his co-star here, along with many of his old SNL buddies from the ’90s.

It’s also another murder mystery, which is a bit odd repeating his previous movie genre. Then again, we probably shouldn’t think too hard when it comes to Sandler’s creative decisions. The genre doesn’t matter as much as the execution of the situations.

Having James as Sandler’s sidekick means this is probably going to be marketed more toward male fans. Whether millions of Netflix accounts will tune in as they did with Murder Mystery is also up for debate.

There’s a big argument to be made about whether the unbeatable combination of Sandler and Aniston is really where the magic is.

Dissecting what makes an Adam Sandler film popular

One of the clear trade secrets to what made Sandler so popular on the big screen was the appealing, offbeat characters he created. Most would place Happy Gilmore at #1, though it’s only a start to the off-kilter movie (and TV) characters he’s created.

Yet, with so much output from Sander on Netflix, it seems he’s just playing a variation of himself lately. The days when he’d dramatically morph his appearance to suit the character he played isn’t quite as prominent now as it was in his heyday.

What really matters is the script and how Sandler executes his comedic situations. On Netflix, he’s clearly better with a sidekick, and Jennifer Aniston was more than a perfect choice.

Sometimes chemistry occurs by happenstance when two actors meet for the first time. Considering Sandler and Aniston already know one another well, it’s akin to watching home movies of them interacting in a fictional universe.

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston will reportedly team up again later

Through Sandler’s Netflix deal, he still has more movies to come. He and Aniston will team up for an unknown project down the road, maybe a Murder Mystery sequel. In the meantime, fans will have to make do with Hubie Halloween soon, which (from the outset) seems like something Sandler might have created during his late ’90s/early 2000s peak.

Only Netflix knows for sure what the complete metrics are, however, from Murder Mystery. Since they never release this information publicly, we only have to speculate on what they found.

Yes, 30+ million accounts reportedly watched the film. What if Aniston was the real draw, though? She’s more popular than ever, including always being in the news about doing a Friends reunion.

We’ll see if Sandler can gain as many viewers for Hubie Halloween since it’ll be riding exclusively on his performance, not including James. Latter recently posted an Instagram video of himself on set. Since James is also a lot like Sandler in popularity, we might find out if comedy duos are having a renaissance rather than one comedian holding an entire movie on their own.