Famous Family Trouble? These Celebrity Parents Are Estranged From Their Children

Familial relationships aren’t easy for anyone. We have all fought with our loved ones over one thing or another. However, maintaining family ties as a celebrity can prove even more difficult than we’d like to imagine. When money, fame, and even social media come into play, jealousy and other factors can undoubtedly come up. While many celebrities have been able to maintain their familial bonds, others remain irreparably broken.

These celebrity parents either have been or still are estranged from their children.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman at a basketball game with her children.

Nicole Kidman with her children, Connor and Isabella Cruise | Matthew Simmons/Getty Images

During their marriage, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise adopted two children, Isabella and Connor. However, since the children were raised as Scientologists, and Kidman left the church and returned to her Catholic faith after her divorce, the kids chose sides.

Isabella and Connor chose to live with their father, and for a time, they even stopped referring to Kidman as “mom.” Luckily, things have gotten a bit better between the siblings and their mother with time. A few years ago during an interview with Women’s Day, Connor said, “I will always love my mum.”

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