Iconic Movie and TV Scenes That Stars Actually Regret Filming

Emilia Clarke in "Game Of Thrones"

Emilia Clarke in “Game Of Thrones” | HBO

Like any other profession, actors certainly have their regrets.

Often times, when celebrities start off in Hollywood they are pressured into taking roles or doing things that makes them feel uncomfortable. Sadly, a lot of that can involve nudity. Other times, actors can read one thing in a script and envision how it might look on screen or how it will be received by audiences, only to have it go in an entirely different direction.

The promise of a hefty paycheck or a new level of fame can entice actors to sign on the dotted line for a role or movie part that they are rather unsure about.

Let’s take a quick look at 15 iconic movie and TV scenes that actors wish they were never involved with, including the most famous nude scene in movie history (No. 11).

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