Most Difficult Actors to Work With in Hollywood

Leonardo DiCaprio and Daniel Day-Lewis stand next to each other in a crowd in Gangs of New York

Leonardo DiCaprio and Daniel Day-Lewis in Gangs of New York | Miramax

Sometimes being an actor takes a bit of an ego. How else can one be expected to get in front of the camera for take after take or endure rejection after rejection in order to finally land a breakthrough part? Some of the elite Hollywood actors, however, let their egos get the best of them. We’ve scoured the news sites and gossip mags to compile this list of the most notoriously difficult actors to work with.

1. Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts | Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images

This big star has made headlines for the huge paychecks she takes home for even small on-screen roles. But Roberts apparently is a diva, too. Sources revealed that the crew on Hook gave her the nickname, “Tinkerhell.”

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