The Most Hilarious Horror Films Of All Time

From serial killers to zombies and ghosts, the horror genre is stuffed full of scary people and creatures that will make you want to run for cover. Horror movies uncover the most terrifying and decrepit corners of our human experience and imaginations. Most of the time, these films succeed at leaving us trembling with fear and breathless with anticipation. With the addition of blood and gore and certainly as technology has gotten better the genre has gotten sharper with films like Get Out and A Quiet Place.

However, some films just miss the mark. Instead of scaring the pants off of us, they are ridiculous adventures of foolish people who get themselves into silly situations. These films usually become so absurd that they end up being hysterically funny. Here are the most hilarious horror films of all time.

15. Ghostbusters

Rick Moranis in Ghostbusters

Rick Moranis in Ghostbusters | Sony

Ok so we know that 1984’s Ghostbusters isn’t supposed to be exactly terrifying, but it does have some pretty scary moments. Remember when a possessed Dana Barrett was floating over the bed? However, what makes Ghostbusters so hilarious is Bill Murray’s one-liners and the perfect effects sprinkled throughout the film.

We have to say it; the original was better.

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