These Theories About Mr. Jingles on ‘American Horror Story: 1984’ Will Leave You Restless

Every season of American Horror Story is wild. But, after only four episodes, 1984 takes the cake. Every new episode seems to feature a plot twist that deepens the mystery behind the slasher season. And it doesn’t look like the FX series is slowing down anytime soon. In the Oct. 9 episode of American Horror Story: 1984, viewers witnessed the horrific backstory of Mr. Jingles (John Carroll Lynch). So where do we move on from here? Fans snagged the opportunity to write their own theories about Mr. Jingles from AHS: 1984, and hopefully, they’ll tie you over until everything is unveiled.

Mr. Jingles is dead on ‘American Horror Story: 1984’ — sort of

In the American Horror Story: 1984 episode, titled “True Killers,” Margaret (Leslie Grossman) told Mr. Jingles she was responsible for the first slaughter at Camp Redwood. She also admitted to framing the former janitor and eventually shot him.

However, the fate of Mr. Jingles remains unclear. At the end of the episode, Xavior (Cody Fern) supposedly bumped into Mr. Jingles. Thus, leaving fans to question if Mr. Jingles is dead or alive.

That said, most fans think Margaret successfully killed her victim. But, it seems most believe Mr. Jingles came back as a ghost.

One Reddit user speculated that “Mr. Jingles is actually dead and that the ghosts can live in and around Camp Redwood which is why the hiker made it to the road without being teleported back.” The fan then noted this could explain why Xavier was able to communicate with Mr. Jingles for a brief moment before disappearing when Brooke (Emma Roberts) arrived.

Mr. Jingles will be resurrected by witches in ‘AHS: 1984’

Meanwhile, another fan on Reddit had a similar theory and hypothesized Mr. Jingles will “suffer the same fate as the hiker” in American Horror Story: 1984. However, they think witches are somehow involved.

The fan noted the FX franchise’s use of “Leather and Lace,” a song by Stevie Nicks. “I didn’t know if this has been discussed but ‘Leather and Lace’ has been used before during season 3, Coven. It was during the episode ‘The Axeman Commeth,'” the Redditor shared. “That episode was about the [spirit] of a long dead serial-killer being resurrected. We saw [Richard Ramirez (Zach Villa)] get brought back at the end of the episode.” They then wondered if Mr. Jingles is in the same situation.

“Stevie Nicks always plays when witches are introduced,” another fan wrote in response to the original posts. “I assumed he was resurrected by Satan, but could witches be involved? Hnnnn.”

Nevertheless, the original poster pondered on what Mr. Jingles’ resurrection means for the rest of AHS: 1984. But, their speculation seems a bit grim.

“This has me thinking that even though some of the counselors will survive, Camp Redwood will always be a place of murder,” the fan wrote. “Margaret could easily survive and try to reopen the camp next summer to slaughter more counselors.”

Fans theorize John Carroll Lynch will play the hero in ‘American Horror Story: 1984’ and kill Margaret

John Carroll Lynch
John Carroll Lynch | Rob Kim/Getty Images

American Horror Story: 1984 already proved Mr. Jingles isn’t purely evil. And now, fans seem to think the character will receive a redemption arc and become the hero of the season. But, one theory seems to suggest the arc is coming based on Lynch’s previous roles.

“In every single role in fiction John Carroll Lynch has played, he has never been an outright evil villain,” a Reddit user pointed out. They then acknowledged the actor’s characters often seem “to be a monster at first, but the story slowly reveals the torture he underwent to become this. This happened in AHS: Freakshow and Channel Zero: No-End House.”

“Given the last episode, I am curious if they are going that route this time as well,” the fan continued. “Its clear that Margaret is way more evil and duplicitous than Benjamin. I am eagerly waiting to see if he has a redemption arc.”

Meanwhile, in a separate discussion, fans predicted how the rest of Mr. Jingles’ storyline will continue as AHS progresses with its ninth season. And it seems like most hope Mr. Jingles will kill Margaret.

“He’s going to go after Margaret and leave the other campers alone,” one viewer suggested.

“I don’t think he’s going to have a change of heart, so to speak,” another fan explained. “I think he, Rita [Angelica Ross], and Ramirez are going to hunt Margaret.”

Regardless of what happens to Mr. Jingles as American Horror Story: 1984 continues, it seems there’s plenty of chilling events ahead. Now, let’s just hope the canon storyline is just as enticing as these theories.

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