‘Mr. Peabody & Sherman’ Beat the Box Office, But ‘Divergent’ Is Near

Mr. Peabody & Sherman

The cold wintertime appears to be the season of children’s movies, as Mr. Peabody & Sherman takes the top box office spot in its second weekend at the box office. It may not have had the same level of success as its fellow children’s movies, Frozen and The LEGO Movie, but it sure has proven strong in the face of several new films, and even an army of 300.

According to BoxOfficeMojoMr. Peabody & Sherman made a gross of $21.8 million over the weekend, putting it in the No. 1 position. The previous weekend, 300: Rise of An Empire was in first, but it earned 57.4 percent less this weekend, bringing its gross down to $19.2 million. Mr. Peabody & Sherman’s earnings only dropped 32.3 percent.

One thing that may have helped the film was its presence in more theaters than most of its competition. Mr. Peabody & Sherman played in 3,951 theaters over the weekend — 461 more than 300: Rise of An Empire and over 800 more than the recently released Need for Speed film.

Unfortunately for Mr. Peabody & Sherman, there’s still quite a ways to go to make up for the $145 million budget report by BoxOfficeMojo. After two weekends, the film is less than halfway there, with a total gross of $63.7 million. On the other hand, 300: Rise of An Empire is doing well for itself with $78.4 million in two weekends going toward its budget of $110 million.

Things don’t look to good for Buena Vista’s Need for Speed movie, though. For it’s opening weekend, it came in third after two two-week-old movies. Fortunately, the film has a much smaller budget to beat, as it only cost $66 million to make. Unfortunately, the odds of it rising any higher in the box office don’t look good, as many movies have their best weekend right after they premiere. On top of that, there will be even more competition coming up before the month ends.


This week, the highly anticipated dystopian film Divergent will open up in theaters, and it’s likely to be a box office smash if the popularity of the books are anything to go by — not to mention the recent popularity of films adapted from books with strong female leads resisting an oppressive dystopian government. It seems unlikely that a few fast cars, an army of spartans, or a smart dog and young boy will be able to stand in the way of Divergent in the box office.

Next week, yet another box office contender will hit the scene, and this one will likely leave a bruise. The follow up to The Raid: Redemption, The Raid 2: Berandal will feature even more of the hard-hitting martial arts style of the original. Hype for the film has been rising since the original started gaining attention. It may not have an easy time beating Divergent though, as 300: Rise of An Empire only made $45 million its opening weekend, and it had a more well-known predecessor. This winter may not be the season for violence-focused films.

Worth noting is the release of Wed Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, which had its second weekend but only took in $3.6 million. Defying the typical trend of movies, the film is growing its box office take, as it made 349 percent more in its second weekend than it did in its first. The reason for this is clear, as it showed only in four theaters for the first weekend and bumped up to sixty-six theaters for the second. If it expands to as many theaters as many of its competitors, it could best many of them, as Mr. Peabody & Sherman and 300: Rise of An Empire were both showing in more than fifty times as many theaters but not making fifty times as much money.

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