MTV ‘Are You The One?’ Season 8: Who are the Rumored Singles?

Are You The One? Season 8 recently wrapped up filming in Hawaii. Terrance J is back to host the show which follows a new group of attractive singles looking for love. However, this season is different from the others because there are only eight couples instead of the usual 11. Also, the cast features sexually fluid or non-binary identifying singles. Keep reading to learn more about the rumored contestants who will star in Are You The One? Season 8.

Are You The One Season 4
Camille Satterwhite, Mikala Thomas, Morgan St. Pierre, Prosper Moongue-Muna, Francesca Duncan, Giovanni Rivera, and Tori Deal | Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Who are the rumored female contestants for ‘Are You The One?’ Season 8

Aasha Wells
Aasha is a recent graduate of FIU where she studied communications and journalism.

Amber Martinez
Amber originates from New York City and now lives in California where she films YouTube videos with her friends under the channel, SPiLL 3. They recently uploaded a video starring Ethan “E-Money” Cohen from Are You The One? Season 6.

Jasmine Olsen | Twitter

Jasmine Olsen
She lives in Atlanta and models for Vixxen’s Inc.

Jenna Marie
Originally from Indiana, Jenna currently lives in Los Angeles and calls herself a “Queer Queen.” She participated in Lezathlon, a lesbian fitness camp, for five years in a row.

Kariselle Snow
Karisella lives in New Jersey and is a musician. She posts music covers on YouTube including “Shallows” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Karisella has also released an original song called “The Fighter.”

Kylie Marie
Kylie models for the health and beauty industry in Nevada.

Nour Fraij
Nour lives in Brooklyn, New York, and has modeled for several companies including Southern Bride Magazine. She is also passionate about American Sign Language. Nour performed a sign language routine for Kean University to “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth.
Paige Cole | Twitter

Paige Cole
She is from New York City and has “honey” tattooed on the inside of the bottom of her lip. Paige recently went to a Met Gala after-party at the Playboy Club.

Who are the rumored male contestants for ‘Are You The One?’ Season 8

Basit Shittu
There is currently no information about Basit because he deleted his Instagram and Twitter.

Brandon Davis
Brandon possibly lives in South Carolina; however, he seems to travel to different states frequently. He is a fitness enthusiast and also models for Blue Collar Male.

Daniel Prikazsky
Daniel lives in California and loves doing yoga. He also cosplays for Renaissance fairs and is a member of a Twitch channel, The Whodunnit League.

Jonathan Monroe | Twitter

Jonathan Monroe
He lives in Panama City Beach, Florida, and loves the Caribbean. Jonathan has been growing his hair out for at least four years.

Justin Avery
There is currently no information about Justin because he deleted his Instagram and Twitter.

Kai Wes
Kai refers to himself as a “nonbinary lover boi” and is a female to male transgender. He documents his transition and posts uplifting poems about the LGBTQ community on his Instagram.

Max Gentile
Max lives in Los Angeles and loves going to music festivals, including Electronic Dance Carnival (EDC) and Coachella. He graduated from Ohio State University and is a Steelers fan.
Rembrandt Duran | Twitter

Rembrandt Duran
He also goes by Remy and is from New York City, but travels frequently. He does panels giving dating and sex advice and identifies as bisexual. Remy is active in the LGBTQ community, and Detox and Aquaria from RuPaul’s Drag Race both follow him on Instagram.

Watch Are You The One Season 8 Wednesday, June 26th at 10 P.M. on MTV!