‘MTV The Challenge’: The Biggest Feuds We Can Expect in the New Season, ‘War of the Worlds’

We’ve been keeping up with The Challenge for years — and now, fans are gearing up for yet another season with some of their favorite stars. From the very beginning, MTV pulled cast favorites from shows like Road Rules and The Real World to fight against each other for money. Alliances were formed, friendships were ruined, and enemies were made from the start. Now, we’ll get to see how some of our favorite cast members from years past will do on this season, War of the Worlds.

People notes the new season airs Feb. 6 and will return to South Africa. The premise is that veterans we all know and love will be teaming up with rookies from shows like Survivor, Ex on the Beach, and The Bachelor. As for the feuds, we’re sure there will be plenty — but here are the ones we’re definitely anticipating the most.

Zach and Jenna seemingly break up

Zach and Jenna have become everyone’s favorite couple over the last few seasons of the challenge. Us Weekly reminds us the two met back in 2014 when Jenna made her debut on Battle of the Exes 2. They dated for about a year and seemed to be perfect for each other — but on Rivals III, Jenna discovered Zach was cheating on her when he called her the wrong name on a phone call.

They eventually sorted their differences on yet another season of The Challenge, and fans have loved seeing their relationship blossom through 2018. But the new trailer shows Zach and Jenna having some seriously tough conversations. Jenna can be heard tearfully saying, “I don’t want to break up with you,” and Zach follows that with telling her they’re completely “done.” Could there be trouble on the horizon for the fan-favorited couple? We’ll have to wait and see.

Cara Maria will face (current) exes Paulie and Kyle

Cara Maria has been on countless seasons of the MTV series, and she’s also proven to be a force to be reckoned with, as she’s typically winning or in the finales. And we remember in seasons past when Cara Maria was involved with Kyle, a tattooed British contestant who also seemed to fall for her. While Cara isn’t the type to let love get in the way of The Challenge, she allowed herself to get close to Kyle — which ultimately resulted in her getting hurt.

In the upcoming season’s trailer, we see Cara in a relationship with Paulie (the relationship has now ended after a cheating scandal, but at the time, things seemed to be going well for them both). Us Weekly notes in the trailer, Paulie can be heard telling Cara, “This is a game between me, you and Kyle. Do not get between him and I,” before Kyle and Paulie seemingly have a physical altercation. Cara can then be seen crying and stating she wants revenge. As for who she wants to get revenge on, fans can’t wait to find out.

Wes and Johnny Bananas will undoubtedly feud

If there’s one player on The Challenge who’s known for lying, cheating, and backstabbing their way to the top (and for winning), it’s John Devenanzio, better known as Johnny Bananas. He’s one of the oldest returning players and continues to be a huge threat in the game time after time. While many players willingly stay out of Johnny’s way, he typically meets his match with Wes Bergmann, another big personality who can’t stand him.

The game has certainly changed over the years, especially since Wes and Johnny first started playing, and there’s no doubt we’ll see another feud between the long-time rivals, as they’re both returners on this season. Wes spoke to MTV about his strategy going into the season, though, and he’s definitely in it to win it. He noted, “I think I’m noticing a larger contingency of people that are creating these gangs and keeping with those gangs over many seasons. So it’s going to be highly crucial for me to get involved with one of those gangs, or else I’m just going to be one of the first people that they cut.”

We’ll have to wait and see if Johnny and Wes decide to team up and take themselves to the end as a pair or if they butt heads immediately. But we imagine the latter is more likely.

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