1980s Musicians You Probably Didn’t Know Were Still Making Music

The 1980s were amazing years for music. From heavy metal to R&B, every genre featured some of the greatest musicians of all time during this decade.

Now, 30 years later, plenty of those artists are still rocking. Here are 15 musicians from the 1980s you didn’t know are still recording new material.


Madonna speaks on stage holding a microphone in front of a black and purple backdrop

Madonna | Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Back when she was the Material Girl, Madonna was everywhere. After her breakout hit, “Holiday,” she released her defining album, Like a Virgin. And the rest was history.

Today, Madonna is more well-known for her business ventures and charity work than her music. Her last album, 2015’s Rebel Heart, wasn’t a major success, but many called it an improvement over her previous two records.

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