You Won’t Believe These 30 Old Photos of Mick Jagger

When you’re discussing popular music, there aren’t many bands more popular or longer-lasting than the Rolling Stones. And when you’re talking about rock and roll singers, there aren’t many frontmen more iconic than Mick Jagger. The camera always seems to agree with Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger, so there’s no time like right now to look back at some photos from his life and career.

1. Mick Jagger was born east of London

Mick Jagger age 3 circa 1946

Mick Jagger at three years old.  | Stones Archive/Getty Images

Photo date: 1946

Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones will always be associated with London, but he was born July 26, 1943, in Dartford, Kent, about 17 miles down the Thames River east of the city. His birth name is Michael Phillip Jagger. He spent most of his childhood outside the city, but we know he made it big when he moved to London full time.

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