5 Must-See TV and Movie Trailers: ‘Wonder Woman’ and More

Trailers are as much a part of the movie-going experience nowadays as the films themselves. There’s something incomparably exciting about seeing what amounts to a two minute sizzle reel of a release’s best scenes. It’s why trailer culture has proliferated into what it is today; even the release date of a short teaser is a day to look forward to. To get you in the spirit, our team gathers together the best trailers the internet has to offer, delivering all the teasers you can possibly handle in one place every week.

1. The Accountant

Ben Affleck’s most prominent role nowadays may be as Batman, but that doesn’t mean it’s all he’s working on. The Accountant tells the story of a man with genius-level intellect who manages money for some of the world’s most infamous drug lords, hitmen, and arms dealers. Brought up to fear a society that could never truly understand or appreciate his genius, he finds himself in hot water when the U.S. government begins to catch on to his operation. Anna Kendrick, J.K. Simmons, Jon Bernthal, and John Lithgow star alongside Affleck, making up an A-list cast for a promising movie.

2. The Get Down

Since the release of Moulin Rouge in 2001, Baz Luhrmann has struggled to recreate the massive success he found in his musical masterpiece. Films like The Great Gatsby and Australia never quite landed the way many critics had hoped, leaving many to wonder if Moulin Rouge was more of a fluke than a harbinger of future success. Luhrmann may have finally found the perfect home for his directorial style on Netflix, brought to us in the form of The Get Down. The series takes place in the Bronx, set right at the dawn of the age of hip-hop. The second trailer dives into the more musical elements that define Luhrmann’s aesthetic, hinting at what looks to be a true return to form for the maligned filmmaker.

3. Wonder Woman

The San Diego Comic-Con gifted us with a whole treasure trove of brand new trailers. In terms of who won the weekend in that department, there’s little doubt that DC and Warner Bros. took the crown. Over the convention’s four days, they unveiled trailers for Suicide Squad, Justice League, and Wonder Woman. The sum total was a run of footage that painted a clear picture of what we can expect from DC’s movie-verse. It’s Wonder Woman that really stood out from the pack though, as a movie that marks a huge milestone for the modern era of superhero films. If the full-length film is anything like the trailer makes it seem, sign us up.

4. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

Netflix has quickly become an “island of lost toys” for long-canceled shows. It started with their revival of Arrested Development back in 2013. They’ll be appealing to a slightly different audience for their latest new series that brings back Gilmore Girls after almost a decade off the air. Both Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham will be returning to reprise their roles, along with a host of other original cast members. The first teaser doesn’t show us much past a typically quippy exchange between the leads, but it does give us a solid date for the premiere (November 25).

5. Office Christmas Party

Holiday movies have taken something of an interesting turn over the last year. 2015’s big Christmas release was the dude-centric comedy, The Night Before, starring Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Anthony Mackie. This year won’t be much different, thanks to Office Christmas Party, which features the likes of Jason Bateman, T.J. Miller, and Jennifer Aniston. Everyone loves a little R-Rated holiday fun, and that exactly what you can expect from this film in 2016. Might as well enjoy the new age of Christmas cinema while it lasts, right?

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