‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Fans Think Whitney Way Thore and Buddy Bell Need to Break Up

Whitney Way Thore and Buddy Bell have been friends for a long time. Their friendship has seen plenty of ups and downs, as documented on My Big Fat Fabulous Life. At this point, it seems nothing can stop this dynamic duo. Still, there are some fans who think Thore should cut Bell out of her life completely.

Buddy Bell
Buddy Bell | TLC

Buddy Bell is in recovery 

As documented on the TLC series, Bell had an addiction to cocaine. 

“Truth of the matter is I just started using cocaine recreationally and it got out of hand,” he said in a 2018 episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life.

I was almost about to fall off a cliff, I was pretty far down that slippery slope. There were a couple times where my heart felt like it was in danger of overworking. I was ready to die an addict, I just didn’t care.

Fortunately, Bell sought help. Today, he is in recovery and working through a 12-step program. In the season 8 premiere of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Bell made amends with his ex-girlfriend, Heather Sykes. 

‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ fans have noticed toxicity in Whitney Thore and Buddy Bell’s relationship 

Many fans took issue with the way Thore treated Bell in the season 8 premiere of My Big Fat Fabulous Life. In the episode “Wedding Bells Are Ringing,” Thore set boundaries with Bell so as to calm Chase Severino’s nerves regarding their friendship.

Some fans thought Thore and Bell’s conversation seemed toxic.

“It’s about power dynamics,” a fan on Reddit mentioned. “[Thore] can no longer hang rent over his head, so she’s using their friendship and his employment on her show as a power play. He can either abide by her rules or he loses an easy check.”

For this fan, Thore’s engagement to Severino meant she no longer had to rely on the affection she once received from Bell.

“Watch and see when she gets dumped,” they continued. “She’ll come running back to Buddy with her a*s in her hands, sweet as sugar, because he’s her old reliable standby. Granted, he enables her sh*tty behavior by continuing to be her friend no matter how ugly she acts toward him.”

Whitney Way Thore appreciates Buddy Bell’s friendship 

Regardless of what fans think, it seems like Bell and Thore are as close as ever. When Thore’s relationship with Severino fell apart, Bell was there for Thore.

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More recently, Thore celebrated Bell in a post on Instagram captioned: “Just a little appreciation post for @thebuddybell for being the most incredible non-romantic heterosexual male life partner I could have ever asked for.”

The series of photos appear to have been taken in Greensboro, North Carolina. Thore and Bell sit on steps together, smiling. 

One fan thinks Whitney Thore and Buddy Bell shouldn’t be friends 

Some fans take issue with Thore’s demeanor toward Bell. But other fans hold Bell’s past with cocaine against him. Though Bell has made amends with Thore as part of his recovery, one fan thinks Thore should cut him out of her life altogether.

“Whitney, please don’t take offense but this relationship with Buddy is just not healthy,” a fan commented on Thore’s appreciation post, continuing:

He does not come across as someone grounded in sobriety. He seems he relishes your disappointments and is not happy for you in your achievements. It’s too codependent and may be worth a look at. I really do care about you and just want to see you truly happy. You have made such incredible strides.

This upset Thore, who replied: 

I don’t usually bother responding to stuff like this, but this comment could not be more inaccurate. Buddy has never relished a disappointment. He is constantly happy for me in my achievements and will do anything he can to support me. He works very hard on his sobriety and helps others along the way b.

For now, it doesn’t look like Thore is considering cutting Bell out of her life at all.

How to get help: In the U.S., contact the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration helpline at 1-800-662-4357.