‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’: Whitney Way Thore Tells Critic Who Slammed Her Relationship With Buddy Bell to ‘Get Over Yourself’

My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans don’t know quite what to make of Whitney Way Thore’s relationship with Buddy Bell. The BFFs are incredibly close, as seen over the past several seasons of Thore’s TLC reality show. But they’ve always insisted that they’ve kept things strictly platonic. Still, some fans want to see the pair together, even as both Thore and Bell have pursued romances with other people. But another contingent thinks that Thore and Bell are a little too close. They argue that the body positivity activist needs to step back and let Bell live his own life. 

One critic thinks Whitney Way Thore is possessive of Buddy Bell

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On Nov. 11, Thore took to Instagram to share several images of herself and Bell. The post came a day after the season premiere of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, where Bell and Thore sparred on camera over her relationship with then-fiancé Chase Saverino. (Thore and Saverino ended their engagement in May 2020.)

“Just a little appreciation post for @thebuddybell for being the most incredible non-romantic heterosexual male life partner I could have ever asked for,” Thore captioned the post. 

The reality star’s words rubbed one follower the wrong way. In the comments, the critic slammed Thore for gushing over her friend not long after he posted an image of himself and his girlfriend to his own social media.  

“So a day after he posts a picture of him and a new GF you miraculously feel the need to make a post regarding your appreciation for him? You’re like a dog trying to mark its territory,” the person wrote. “What an incredibly selfish and needy act. Get over yourself.”

The ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ star fires back 

Whitney Way Thore
Whitney Way Thore | Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Discovery

Thore wasn’t going to let the criticism of her relationship with Bell go unchecked. She fired back, explaining that she has a great relationship with Bell and his girlfriend. 

“Are you serious?” Thore replied. “I’ve met the girlfriend several times, welcomed her into my home — in fact she’s coming over tonight around 8. Wanna join us and see how not selfish and territorial I am? 

Thore went on to explain that she was hoping to clear the air after the previous night’s episode, which she feared might give viewers the impression she and Bell were on the outs. 

“I posted this today because I snapped at Buddy in the episode last night and even though that was 11 months ago, I figure someone MIGHT come on my Instagram and think Buddy and I are fighting. Get over YOURself,” she wrote. 

Some viewers think Thore isn’t a great friend to Bell 

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While Thore defended her relationship with Bell, some in the comments wondered if the pair’s friendship was healthy. One critic thought Bell “relishes” Thore’s “disappointments.” Others felt Thore was the one who treated Bell poorly. 

“You’ve humiliated him by treating him like a doormat,” one wrote. 

“I didn’t like the way you treated Buddy on last night’s premier show,” another commented. “I know I don’t know the whole story but I felt sorry for him in some way.”

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