‘Nailed It!’ Host Nicole Byer Is Changing Cooking Competition Shows For the Better

Cooking competition shows are all the rage these days. With series like Masterchef, Top Chef, and Chopped being widely watched around the world, it’s clear that people love watching others cook and compete for a grand prize.

However, while a lot of shows tend to follow a certain formula, Netflix’s original series Nailed It! is proving that its unique concept can be just as popular with audiences. In fact, it could actually be changing the genre for the better.

‘Nailed It!’ is not like other cooking competition shows

Nicole Byer
Nicole Byer | Darren Eagles/Getty Images for Hello Sunshine X Together Live Tour

Unlike most cooking competition shows that reward contestants who are extremely skilled and can present to judges a perfect final product, Nailed It! wants to promote imperfection.

The premise for Nailed It! – which premiered in 2018 – came from internet memes of ambitious people who tried to make fancy cakes but failed. The show follows amateur bakers as they try to recreate these elaborate cakes.

Oftentimes, these contestants also do not achieve the desired results, but instead of drama and tears, everyone simply has a good laugh about it.

‘Nailed It!’ host Nicole Byer has a comedy background

The host for Nailed It!, Nicole Byer, also is not a baker or someone who has a lot of cooking knowledge. She is simply the hilarious person who keeps the show going.

Nicole Byer’s funny personality did not come out of nowhere, though. She actually has a history of doing comedy work and she is mostly known for appearing on MTV shows such as Girl Code and Loosely Exactly Nicole.

Additionally, Byer has also guest-starred on numerous popular TV series such as 30 Rock, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Good Placeand The Simpsons.

According to The Daily Beast, when the team behind Nailed It! were looking for someone to host the competition, they thought Byer was a good fit as she was “able to toe the line they were looking for as a combination host and judge, someone who could criticize and make fun of the contestants without actually upsetting them.”

Byer’s appearance is also refreshing in that she is helping to change the face of reality shows. In a time where Hollywood is increasingly getting criticized for its lack of diversity, Nicole Byer is hoping to inspire women who look like her to reach for their dreams.

She told The Daily Beast: “I think the proudest thing for me is having fat women feel visible and feel seen… I am very happy and very proud that I get to be the voice for them. To see another fat girl on television I think is really powerful. I’m happy to open the doors for a younger generation of fat, black women to be visible, to be seen, to be heard.”

‘Nailed It!’ has received positive reviews

Fans and critics alike are clearly loving Nailed It! and its uniqueness.

The Netflix series has received four award nominations so far, with one being a Primetime Emmy Award for “Outstanding Reality-Competition Program.”

Many viewers have also expressed that a big reason why they love Nailed It! is because it is not serious compared to other program and takes pride in that.

A user on Reddit shared: “Whoever they let edit this thing is a hero. The decision to keep in guest hosts forgetting lines, wandering around set to eat licorice, or even straight-up leaving the premises was what made the show. Those shenanigans made it feel just off-the-rails enough to be highly entertaining without completely distracting from the competition itself.”

“Everything about the show is so great,” a user on IMDb commented. “The fact that the contestants have no professional training makes it very relatable to the common person.”

The success of Nailed It! has even allowed the show to have an international spin-off. In February 2019, ¡Nailed it! México premiered on Netflix.