‘Nailed It!’ Host Nicole Byer Is ‘Single and Desperate’ And Made It Her Brand

Host of the family show Nailed It!, Nicole Byer is one of the last people you’d expect to be openly declaring how desperate and “thirsty” she is. But that’s Byer — You just won’t see her completely honest brand of comedy on a family show like Nailed It! Although you might get small hints of it.

So just who is Byer and why is she so thirsty? Let’s take a look into this comic’s past, to see if we can figure her out. 

Nicole Byers has turned being single into her brand

Nicole Byer
Comedian Nicole Byer | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Byer believes that to be funny, you need to be honest, and that’s why she usually comes out and says things that most people would keep hidden. For example, her major desire to have a boyfriend. Byer is single, but she doesn’t want to be- and she’s not afraid to tell people that. In fact, at 32 years old, Byer has never had a boyfriend. 

“When I do anything, I try to be very truthful,” Byer told Bustle. “And my truth is that I am single and desperate and want a boyfriend, so that’s what comes through.”

Byer even takes her search for a man to social media, routinely joking with her followers about her single status. On Twitter, she once wrote, “I want a boyfriend so I can start all sentences with ‘my boyfriend’ even if I’m not talking about my boyfriend.”

In addition to Nailed It!, Byer also hosts a podcast called Why Won’t You Date Me? where she tries to figure out why she doesn’t have a boyfriend. But don’t feel too sorry for Byer about not having a man. She admits that she’s making a ton of money off her relationship status, and so she doesn’t really care. 

Nicole Byer only uses honest comedy 

Audiences tune in to her podcast for her unique brand of honest comedy, and they’re not disappointed. 

Before Nailed It!, Byer broke into the public eye on the MTV show Girl Code. A show where comedians worked through the issues that women face in the modern world, such as dating and sex, by discussing the issues and making jokes. The role was a far cry from the family-friendly show she does today, and she had more freedom to fully explore her honest brand of comedy. 

Nicole Byer doesn’t use jokes as an excuse to hurt

But being truthful in comedy can’t be taken to the extreme. Byer is very aware of hurting people with her jokes, and she tries to avoid it at all costs. In fact, she’s even found that her audience is also hyper-aware of hurting people, and so that can present challenges when she’s making fun of herself. 

Byer is overweight and she knows it. She’s not afraid to mention this fact in her jokes, but sometimes it can make audiences uncomfortable. They don’t know where the joke is coming from, and there not sure if they’re going to hurt her feelings by laughing. 

It’s getting harder for comedians to tell jokes about sensitive topics. “Comedy is very hard right now,” Byer told Bustle. “Because people don’t understand sarcasm… Sometimes you’re battling with the audience like, guys, it’s funny, it works somewhere. It’s funny, come on.”

But Byer doesn’t let the new atmosphere get her down. In fact, she looks at it as a good thing that people are trying to be considerate. When she writes her own jokes, she has a few guidelines to be sure it’s not something that’s stepping out of line.

For example, she tries to only joke about something that she has experienced herself. Otherwise, she believes that it just doesn’t come across as genuine.