‘Nailed It!’: How Did Jacques Torres Lose Weight?

Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres in Nailed It!

Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres in Nailed It! | Netflix

A lot of people fell in love with Jacques Torres from him hosting Nailed It! with Nicole Byer on Netflix. Byer tends to bring the funny and Torres brings the baking knowledge. Together they have a very cute friendship. Torres went through a big physical transformation by the second season through losing a lot of weight. So how did he lose it and how much did he lose? Here is everything to know about Jacques Torres and his stunning transformation.

Jacques Torres of Nailed It! lost almost 60 lbs

Nailed It! fans were probably surprised to see a slimmer Jacques Torres in Season 2. When asked how much weight he lost he told Vulture, “I lost, if I remember correctly, 56 or 58 pounds.” He also revealed how long it took for him to get there.

“One year,” said Torres. “It take me one year to lose all that weight. Look, it takes a long time to put it in, it takes a long time to take it off. It’s a struggle in the beginning, and then you get used to it.”

It turns out there were some health concerns that led to Torres losing the weight. “Some people are heavy and in very good health,” Torres told E! News. “But me? I was heavy, and my liver was what we call a ‘fat liver.’ And a fat liver is a sign that you’ll have trouble later.” In order to be successful, Torres hired a little help to make sure he kept a healthy diet.

He got a nutritionist who looked at his portions for him

Jacques Torres

Jacques Torres | Getty Images/Astrid Stawiarz

Jacques Torres revealed that he gets his meals looked at by his nutritionist before starting. “So, I needed a nutritionist to work with me,” he told E! News. “Basically, you send pictures of everything you eat—portion size and whatever you want to put in your mouth—and she said ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ She would answer right away: ‘Eat that and that, but leave that to the side,’ or ‘Eat two-thirds of that. Don’t eat everything.’ The good thing was she didn’t cut too much too fast, and everything was gradual.”

He also revealed that he doesn’t taste his food as much as he used to because of this. “Instead of tasting, like chefs usually do, I was tasting a little bit too heavily,” he said. “I was eating too much.”

Torres rides his bike for exercise

The other part of changing his lifestyle included being physically active. He said that he rides a Citi bike to work and back. It also doesn’t hurt that he has a young son that keeps him active as well.

So the Nailed It! judge lost a lot of weight from watching his diet and being active. He still has the tough job of tasting baking creations on the Netflix show, but he has cut back on how much he tastes at work.

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