Naill Horan Cleared up the Selena Gomez Dating Rumors Once & for All

It’s been a huge year for Selena Gomez. The singer made her return to music after four long years and scored her first number one hit with “Lose You To Love Me.” She opened the American Music Awards, performing solo on stage for the first time in two years. She also announced that her new album will be released on January 10, 2020. But, despite all of her success in the past few months, the media is still focusing a lot of attention on Gomez’s love life. In the past few months, lots of speculation about who she’s dating has arisen. Most recently, fans have been convinced that the Wizards of Waverly Place alum is dating fellow musician, Naill Horan.

Naill Horan addresses Selena Gomez dating rumors
Naill Horan | Photo by Isabel Infantes/PA Images via Getty Images

Selena Gomez shouts out ‘Nice to Meet Ya’ on Instagram

Rumors that Horan and Gomez were dating surfaced back in October when Gomez’s best friend, Courtney Lopez posted a group picture in which Gomez and Horan were both included. The pair were standing next to each other and Horan’s arm was casually around Gomez’s. Shortly after that photo, they each posted about one another in their respective Instagram stories. Gomez urged her fans to check out Horan’s new song “Nice to Meet Ya”. Meanwhile, Horan posted a picture of himself standing next to a Gomez billboard with the caption “Hello there, Sel.”

The singers are just friends

But despite rumors, Horan was quick to assure fans that he and the “Look At Her Now” singer were just buds.”We’re friends. We have the same group of friends. We hang out all the time. The one photo that was ever taken got posted. We are good friends,” Horan assured PopBuzz back in October. He also shut down rumors that they were collaborating on new music. “No collaborations as of yet. I know she’s been doing some music too. We were just out for dinner,” the 26-year-old added.

Putting the dating rumors to bed

But, despite Horan’s assurance that he and Gomez were just friends, the rumors continued to swirl. However, whilst on a popular Australian morning show, he definitely cleared up any remaining speculation. When asked if he had a girlfriend or was dating Gomez, the One Direction alum had this to say.

Horan doesn’t have a girlfriend

“Do I have a girlfriend? I don’t. No, I’m very much single. Very much single. I’m focusing on the job at the minute, but I mean, it’s not like you ever go out of the way to properly look for it. If it comes to you, it comes to you. And if something falls in your way or you meet someone or whatever, then fair enough, but yes, maybe, then you just kind of see what happens,” he shared.

Selena Gomez denies that she has a boyfriend

Gomez has also been candid about the fact that she’s happily single at the moment. “I’ve been super, super single for two years. I’ve been having way too much fun being on my own. It sucked for the first year, I was like, ‘I just want to cuddle. I just want to watch something and be adored.’ But now it feels good, it feels awesome,” she shared on the Zach Sang Show. Back in October, she also shut down the dating rumors about Horan with a simple Instagram story post.

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“I am not dating anyone. I’ve been single for two years. I’m on Gods [sic] timing, not mine,” the actress announced. With these definitive answers, it’s clear that the friends aren’t dating. But, we’d love to hear them collaborate on music sometime in the future.