National Taco Day 2017: How to Get Discounted Tacos at Taco Bell

Mexican food enthusiasts are celebrating National Taco Day on Oct. 4, and naturally, Taco Bell is offering a deal for the special occasion.

The fast food chain isn’t giving away any free tacos, as is sometimes the case on these national days, but they are offering a discount. For today only, they have what they are calling a National Taco Day Gift Set for $5. Included are four classic tacos: a Crunchy Taco, a Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Taco, a Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco, and a Fiery Doritos Locos Taco.

You can customize the order, though, and get any four of those tacos that you choose. So for example, you could choose to just get four Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Tacos, or two Crunchy Tacos and two Fiery Doritos Locos Tacos, or any other combination.

If you were to buy those four tacos separately, it would cost you about $7 – give or take a dollar or so depending on which ones you’d get – so the set is really only saving you roughly $2. For this reason, some customers have found themselves a bit disappointed with the deal. It’s certainly a savings, but whether it’s worth making the trip to Taco Bell today is up to you.

There are some other deals going on today for National Taco Day, including one at Tijuana Flats where you can get $2 Tacos and $2 Mexican drafts. Some locations are also offering two tacos, chips, and a medium drink for $5.99. California Tortilla is offering buy one get one free tacos, while El Pollo Loco is offering a buy one get one free deal specifically on taco platters.

One of the best deals is at Taco John’s, as they’re actually offering a free beef taco to anyone with a coupon that was posted on Twitter.

There’s also Chuy’s, which is offering a free entree if you come to the location dressed like a taco. Taco John’s and Chuy’s are the only two chains that are offering free tacos without you having to buy anything else.