You Can Stream These Nature Shows on Netflix Right Now

Celebrate Earth Day with nature shows on Netflix. From docuseries that unveil Mother Earth’s kingdoms to shows that highlight the depths of our oceans, the streaming platform has a range of offerings to celebrate the beauty of our planet.

Deep dive into the Pacific Ocean or go on a safari adventure with these nature shows on Netflix.

‘Planet Earth’

Planet Earth
Netflix is home to a wide-range of nature shows. | iStock / Getty Images Plus

Planet Earth is one of the more impressive series on Netflix. This BBC docuseries takes viewers on a wild ride through some of Earth’s most stunning landscapes, including the summit of Everest, Antarctica, and the deep ocean.

‘Planet Earth II’

In this much anticipated follow up to Planet Earth, viewers and nature lovers alike are transported to urban jungles, grasslands, and scorching hot deserts across the globe.

‘Nature’s Great Events’

For those interested in the seasons, Nature’s Great Events takes a closer look at the effects of weather change on our planet, which often lead to some of the most jaw-dropping occurrences like The Great Migration, The Great Salmon Run, and The Great Flood.

‘Blue Planet’

BBC’s Blue Planet is Planet Earth’s answer to ocean life. In this series, viewers embark on a journey through the depths of Earth’s oceans. From frozen seas to the bottom of the ocean, there’s something for every ocean-lover.

‘Blue Planet II’

In Blue Planet II, BBC takes a closer look at the coasts, coral reefs, underwater deserts, and other ocean habitats. The sequel to Blue Plant is a must-watch.

‘Earth’s Natural Wonders’

For Netflix subscribers interested in the humans of the world, Earth’s Natural Wonders is an excellent start. This series showcases some of the most extreme landscapes and how its people survive and thrive in harsh conditions.

‘Frozen Planet on Thin Ice’

Those passionate about the effects of global warming might enjoy a deep dive into how the rising temperatures around the world impact Earth’s precious frozen surfaces. Frozen Planet on Thin Ice is an eye-opening documentary on the effects of global warming you don’t want to miss.

‘Wild North’

Wild North takes viewers on a journey through Norway to understand the lands shaped by ice ages. From the forest to the coast to the mountains, this is a must-watch for anyone looking to better understand our planet today.

‘Our Strange Rock’

Those interested in Outer Space might find a deep connection to Our Strange Rock. In the series, Will Smith follows astronauts who share their perspectives of Planet Earth.


Africa has some of the most diverse wildlife on Earth, making it a wonder of its own. In this series, viewers take a closer look at the stunning continent and all it has to offer.

‘The Hunt’

See how some of the world’s most majestic predators survive in The Hunt. From Nile Crocodiles to blue whales, this BBC series takes viewers on a wild ride through their hunt for food.

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