NBC Channeling ‘Big Bang Theory’ With ‘Real Genius’ Reboot

The series has reportedly already received a script commitment plus penalty, which means there’s a solid chance we’ll eventually see it on TV. Obviously, the network has confidence in the project, which isn’t entirely surprising, given the built-in following Real Genius already has. Still, that may not be the only rationale behind green-lighting the project now. If you though the show’s plot description sounds vaguely familiar, you wouldn’t be the only one. Some are already pointing out the seeming similarities between the described Real Genius and the hit CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

It’s a fair comparison. After all, both are sitcoms that revolve around awkward geniuses whose own intelligence can sometimes get them into trouble. Plus, as viewers know, The Big Bang Theory often functions similarly to a workplace comedy, with many of its scenes taking place in a lab or one of the character’s offices in the university where they work (not to mention, the many jokes that have been cracked over a lunch table in the university’s cafeteria). Thanks to the huge success of the show, nerdy and socially inept characters are now rising in popularity on the small screen. It’s a market that CBS is clearly looking to dominate, both with Big Bang and its just-premiered new dramedy Scorpions. But the former becoming such a huge hit could very well be another reason why NBC is deciding to push a Real Genius reboot now.

As it stands, news of the potential series is already drawing some strong reactions from fans of the original film, most of whom seem hesitant to jump onboard the concept of a small-screen remake just yet. Then again, the project is still in the early stages, so perhaps casting and further details will help change their minds about the show as it develops.

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