‘NCIS’ 17 Episode 10: Fans at Odds Concerning The Likelihood of This Character’s Return

NCIS has been dangling the carrot for the entirety of season 17 when it comes to a “Tiva” reunion. Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) and Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) deserve a warm embrace (or at least a glance from across the way). While many fans were convinced — leading up to episode 10 — that Michael Weatherly would make an appearance, the episode’s events left fans divided on the likelihood of Tony and Tali showing up.

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*‘NCIS’ season 17 episode 10 spoilers ahead*

In episode 10, fans realize that Sahar is Sarah (Gibbs’ neighbor), and Phineas is her son. However, whether Phineas and Sarah possess a biological relationship remains a bit unclear, as Phineas may have just been an innocent child recruited for Sarah’s scheme. 

As the season continues to present twists and turns — roadblocks to reunions and excuses for prolonged separation — many fans are beginning to wonder whether Tony will appear at all and, based on an online discussion surrounding the recent episode, fans are not in concurrence. 

Some fans believe Michael Weatherly will return to ‘NCIS’  

In an online discussion about episode 10 — “The North Pole” — the conversation quickly took a tangent to Tony DiNozzo, as many NCIS-oriented conversations often do. Many fans argued that all hope is lost for Tony’s reentrance, stating:

They’re flat out telling us Tony won’t be showing up. I’m convinced.

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Fans chimed in, agreeing with the above sentiment. One made light of the possibility with an allusion to Ziva’s previous departure, stating:

They’ll probably have the closing…be Ziva getting on a flight to Paris… at least we know Tony found her and knows she’s alive.

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While some fans feel the showrunners keeps alluding to Tony’s return to keep fans intrigued, with no plan to reintroduce him, others argue that there is still time, as Ziva has one more appearance left in her contract. 

Some ‘NCIS’ fans argue Tony DiNozzo will still appear 

While some NCIS enthusiasts are convinced the writers are just toying with the idea of Tony, others think the show has cemented the foundation for a late appearance. Fans noted:

Come on – Tony taking Tali to a safe place? If it’s not Gibbs’ house I will be VERY DISPLEASED. (Although the irony – possibly the most attacked safe house in the history of the service…)

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One fan even entered the conversation with an interesting tidbit that many viewers may have not even considered:

Speaking of Tony, those photos Adam showed to Ziva of Tony and Tali in the park, were they faked and spliced together with old footage? Or were they actual brand new shots taken of Tony, because that’d mean he’s been involved with the show afterall and could be an indication of whether or not he turns up in the flesh next episode.

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Whether Tony will return in season 17 of NCIS remains a mystery, but seeing Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo across from another — one last time — would make for some small screen magic. Not to mention, everyone would love a Tony-Ziva-Tali spin-off series.