‘NCIS’ 17: Ziva’s Return Dates Point to Danger In Her Future

Cote de Pablo is back on NCIS and has two more episodes to go before her five-episode arc for season 17 comes to a close. So far, she has handled the threat — tracing all the way back to her half brother Ari — and fans are anticipating a family reunion between Tony, Tali, and Ziva

The former Mossad agent went deep undercover for five years. Even Ziva— the powerful and courageous to a fault, butt-kicking heroine — was afraid of what coming into the light would spell. However, to save Gibbs (and for one more chance at seeing her daughter),  Ziva sacrificed it all.

Cote de Pablo and Mark Harmon of NCIS
Mark Harmon and Cote de Pablo at the ‘NCIS’ press conference at the Four Seasons Hotel | Vera Anderson/WireImage

Will Ziva finally get the ending she deserves? Will she bid us farewell with a happily ever after? Unfortunately, there may be more dangerous threats and/or more emotional heartache on the way. 

Cote de Pablo is set to return to ‘NCIS’ for the December 17 episode 

According to CountryLiving, Cote de Pablo will be back on NCIS for the December 17 episode, which will be the last episode of the year. The show will not resume until January 7. While fans are excited to have Cote de Pablo back for an episode destined to be met with a little bit of Holiday cheer, it may not come with the holiday miracle fans desire. 

When it comes to NCIS, the last episode of the year usually ends with a cliffhanger; this way, the writers keep fans on edge, hoping to guarantee that everyone returns following a nearly month-long hiatus. The question is: what will the cliffhanger be? Will Ziva be confronted with another threat? Will there be a reason she is unable to see Tony and Tali? 

Considering Michael Weatherly would need to return for a cameo for a full family reunion, the likelihood of such an episode may not be too high. Weatherly is currently busy leading the CBS hit show, Bull. If NCIS has not managed to get him back (yet), the December 17 episode may present a new conflict, a new emotional hurdle, a new physical threat to keep fans waiting — to keep fans anticipating the actress’s final appearance on January 7. Cote de Pablo’s Ziva may still be in danger; will they kill her off, or insinuate such a fallout is on the horizon … again?

Ziva will return to ‘NCIS’ again for the first episode of the new year on January 7 

If Cote de Pablo is coming back so soon, fans may want to relinquish any desires they currently have for a prolonged stay. January 7 — based on the pre-negotiated agreement — will be Cote de Pablo’s last episode of her five-episode arc; meaning, her journey will come to an end way before the season does. 

Based on these dates — December 17 and January 7 — one would presume that a Ziva cliffhanger is one the way for the 17th, yet it will be handled quite quickly next calendar year. So, if you have loved watching Ziva again, you may want to prepare for a final farewell, as her schedule does not point to a prolonged stay, and it may not even point to a reunion.

If Ziva is leaving for good on the seventh, will she meet up with her family, go back undercover, or die? Cliffhanger episodes often spell danger and an early new year appearance may point to death.