‘NCIS’ Actor Wilmer Valderrama Got to Share the Screen With One of His Idols

In the season 17 Finale of NCIS, the episode featured esteemed guest star, Christopher Lloyd. The cast was so ecstatic to work with Llyod that co-star Wilmer Valderrama Tweeted his admiration for the actor. The Tweet showcases a picture of the two on set. Valderrama explains how Lloyd had an astounding impact on his acting career, as both actors are known for playing unique characters in the past.

NCIS Wilmer Walderrama as Nick Torres smiling
Wilmer Walderrama as Nick Torres on NCIS | Michael Yarish/CBS via Getty Images

Valderrama’s acting break

Many people probably remember Valderrama’s lovable and awkward character Fez on That ’70s Show. Fez was the foreign exchange student with a unique accident that had everybody asking: so what country are you from? Although the show never officially reveals Fez’s homeland, they do a great job at teasing it, becoming a running joke throughout the series. Fez first appeared in the pilot episode and was a central character up to the series finale in 2007.

That ’70s Show ran for eight seasons and was among the most popular shows on the air during its run. And today, the show has a devoted fan base that still clammer to the television to watch reruns. With a show that featured Mila Kunis as Jackie Shapiro, the stuck-up rich girl, Topher Grace as the nerdy Eric Foreman, and Ashton Kutcher as the good-looking hot-shot Micheal Kelso, Valderrama’s character is among the most well known and loved.

Following That ’70s Show, Valderrama starred in many TV shows and movies. Some of his most notable roles include Hanny Manny, where he played the main character, Manny Garcia. He also played Don Carlos Madrigal in the From Dusk till Dawn: The Series. Valderrama joined the NCIS cast in 2016 as a recurring character, playing Special Agent Nick Torres.

Lloyd’s most iconic character

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Almost anybody can recognize Lloyd’s character as the mad genius Doc Brown in the timeless classic Back to the Future. When first released in 1985, Back to the Future took the world by storm. Often revered as one of the best movies of the ’80s, Back to the Future features Marty McFly, a high-school student who befriends the reclusive genius. Doc invents a time machine from his DeLorean that works when the car reaches 88 mph. After being warped back to the ’50s, Marty must race against the clock to ensure his mom and dad fall in love at the high school dance, or bear the consequence of never being born.

Doc Brown’s DeLorean has become a cult symbol for the Back to the Future franchise. Lloyd also starred as Doc Brown in Back to the Future Part II and Back to the Future Part III. Each Back to the Future movie is unique in its own right and has amassed millions of fans. However, there is no doubt without Lloyd’s portrayal as Doc Brown, the Back to the Future franchise would not be the same.

NCIS Season 17 Finale

Both Valderrama and Lloyd finally team up in the Season 17 Finale of NCIS, although their characters are much more serious this time around. Lloyd plays Joe Smith, a 95-year-old WWII vet who claims to have been on the USS Arizona during the Pearl Harbor attack. Lloyd’s character wants to be interned at Pearl Harbor upon his death. However, he cannot prove that he was there during the attack. Torres, and the NCIS team, race against the clock to prove Smith’s claim.

Ultimately, the NCIS team can prove Smith’s claim, enabling him to receive the enshrinement he deserves. In the episode, Lloyd delivered a powerful monologue that moved many viewers. Many rate Lloyd’s guest performance as among the best in NCIS history. It was nice to see Valderrama work alongside Lloyd in such a powerful episode.