‘NCIS’: Cote de Pablo Answers If She Plans to ‘Stick Around’

Cote de Pablo — the prodigal daughter — has returned. In the final moments of NCIS season 16, Ziva David appeared at the top of Gibbs’ stairwell, and she came hurrying into the cellar to warn her former boss of imminent danger. Emotionally stirring, utterly surprising, and poised to build suspense, the moment will go down as one of TV’s most famous season finales. 

NCIS star Cote de Pablo
‘NCIS’ star Cote de Pablo | Photo by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Now, Cote de Pablo is set to appear in four episodes throughout season 17. According to TV Guide, the actress will return to her career-catalyzing show for the first two episodes of the season, and again for one episode in the fall and one in early winter. With so much time between her episodes, we can only imagine the intricate narrative penned for the character who was supposedly deceased. 

A woman named Zahar is after Ziva and Gibbs; will the two make it out alive? Will they rediscover the loyalty and trust that existed at the core of their dynamic, and bring down this dangerous foe once and for all? Or, will one have to die for the other to persist? And, if Cote de Pablo’s Ziva makes it out alive, will she “stick around” for future NCIS seasons? 

Will Cote de Pablo stick around after ‘NCIS’ season 17?

While Cote de Pablo initially cited personal reasons for exiting NCIS, she later credited a lack of respect on her characters’ behalf; meaning, the writers must have worked out something pretty impeccable to convince her to come back. However, have the NCIS showrunners talked her into a single season or a prolonged stay with the show? Bringing back Cote de Pablo will likely catalyze a surge in ratings; however, if she leaves at the end of the season, will the show retain the spike? 

Cote de Pablo sat down with Good Day Sacramento to discuss her return, and whether she plans to stay with NCIS for a while. The interviewers asked Cote de Pablo, “Any chance you might stick around now?” Cote de Pablo replied:

For now, it’s five episodes. And, I think we’re happy about five episodes. It gives us a possibility of going in and kind of answering some questions. And, we’ll see where this goes.

Good Day Sacramento

Based on Cote de Pablo’s response, it appears that the actress is content with what has been set in motion; however, she doesn’t outright deny the possibility of a prolonged stay. If they “see where this goes” and everyone involved believes she is worth keeping around, maybe Cote de Pablo will become a series regular once again, or have a guest-starring role in future seasons. Either way, fans of NCIS are just happy to see the actress return to her butt-kicking former Mossad Agent identity. 

With four episodes to go, as one was filmed in season 16, will Cote de Pablo be responsible for saving Gibbs once again — from a threat he could not take down alone? Or, will Gibbs save Ziva this time around, freeing her from the shackles of an undercover life to be with her family once again? NCIS season 17 is destined to be one thrilling ride.