‘NCIS’ EP Says Ziva’s Story Will Go ‘Full Circle’ in Season 17

Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) is officially back on NCIS in what turned out to be a thrilling start to season 17. There are still a lot of questions about Ziva’s journey that need to be answered, and executive producers Frank Cardea and Steven Binder assured fans that her story will go “full circle” before the season is out. Does this mean we’ll get a Ziva and Tony (Michael Weatherly) reunion after all?

NCIS Ziva Gibbs
‘NCIS’ Ziva and Gibbs | Photo by Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

‘NCIS’ EPs dish on Ziva’s story

In the season 17 premiere, titled “Out of the Darkness,” Ziva and Gibbs (Mark Harmon) found themselves on the run from Zahar, a mysterious woman who has ties to Ziva’s past.

Zahar is the reason Ziva faked her death and went into hiding. She is also out for revenge because of Ziva’s brother Ari, a connection that brings us all the way back to when we first met Ziva.

In their joint interview with ET Online, Cardea and Binder talked about these links to Ziva’s past and assured fans that her story will come full circle before the season is over.

“There will be a very large full circle when all is said and done. It will be emotionally obvious. It will be for a lot of characters, not just Ziva,” Binder explained.

Binder and Cardea did not reveal any more details about Ziva’s story. He did promise, however, that we will be going back to the start of Ziva’s journey, which opens the door for a lot of different possibilities.

When asked about unanswered questions about Ziva, the producers revealed that we will find out what happened to the character’s daughter, Tali. This includes where Tali and Tony have been over the past few years and what they know about Ziva.

This opens the door for a potential reunion between Ziva and Tony, though nothing official has been confirmed. Weatherly left the series in season 13 and is currently starring in his own show, Bull.

Ziva undergoes changes on ‘NCIS’

Because we have not seen Ziva for a couple of years, Binder teased that she has undergone a lot of changes.

This includes how Ziva feels about her previous career and her relationships with people on the NCIS team. In particular, Ziva and Gibbs have a lot to work out, especially considering how she was like a daughter to him before she left.

Binder assured fans that all of Ziva’s issues will be resolved, but they might not be fixed in the way fans expect them to be.

When it comes to Tony, Binder refused to say if they had talked to Weatherly about a cameo. But he did admit that he enjoys a good surprise.

Inside Ziva’s epic return to ‘NCIS’

There is a lot to unpack about the season 17 premiere of NCIS, which focused solely on Ziva returning to action. The installment picked up where season 16 left off, though Ziva and Gibbs did not have a lot of time to catch up before the bad guys showed up.

With bullets flying everywhere, Ziva and Gibbs narrowly escaped his basement and were immediately on the run.

After dropping Gibbs off at a safe house, we find out that Ziva is struggling with anxiety and takes medication to cope with her disorder. We love how the show incorporated this into Ziva’s story. Not only does it add more depth to her character, but it also makes her even more relatable.

Back to the story, Gibbs does not stay at the safe house and later finds Ziva on her way to pick up an SD card her contact left her. The drop-off is thwarted by one of Zahara’s men, who Gibbs and Ziva take down.

Gibbs asks McGee (Sean Murray) to look at the card and extract data from it. This leads the duo to Zahara’s hideout, and the installment ends with Ziva getting ready to shoot Zahara – despite Gibbs’s pleas to let her live.

While Gibbs and Ziva were tracking down Zahara, the rest of the team was scrambling to keep up. Apart from McGee working on the SD card, Bishop (Emily Wickersham) uncovered some information about Zahara’s real name.

But instead of interfering and helping Gibbs and Ziva, the team is ordered to stay away for their own safety.

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