‘NCIS’ EP Steve Binder Teases More of Diona Reasonover’s Kasie Hines in Season 17

Cote de Pablo’s return as Ziva David is one of the biggest stories going into season 17 of NCIS, yet there are other characters who will be getting more of the spotlight this season — including Diona Reasonover’s Kasie Hines. NCIS executive producer Steve Binder recently teased that fans will see more of Kasie this season as the series explores the character’s past.

NCIS Diona Reasonover
‘NCIS’ star Diona Reasonover | Photo by Michael Yarish/CBS via Getty Images

Binder teases more Diona Reasonover

In a recent interview, Binder revealed that season 17 will dive into Jimmy Palmer’s (Brian Dietzen) life at home, which could bring Breena (Michelle Pierce) back into the picture. The last time we saw Breena on the show was in 2015, so it would be great to see her return.

Apart from the Palmers, Binder teased that the series will dive deeper into Kasie’s past. Reasonover is the newest regular on NCIS and it will be exciting learning more about her background. Unfortunately, Binder did not reveal too many details about Kasie’s storyline, so fans will have to wait and see what unfolds.

According to Carter Matt, we might find out how Kasie came to be part of the team. We’re sure her background will include other details about her career and that she’ll get one or two episodes that are centered on her.

Kasie and the rest of the characters, of course, are also competing against Ziva’s return. Ziva is set to appear in the first two episodes of the season before coming back for two additional installments later in the year.

Reasonover opens up about replacing Pauley Perrette

Reasonover joined the NCIS world last season as Pauley Perrette’s replacement. Perrette played the part of Abby Sciuto since the show’s inception, so she had some pretty big shoes to fill.

According to New York Post, Reasonover talked about landing a part on the show last year and explained how she did not want fans to view her as Perrette’s replacement. Fans naturally couldn’t help but compare the two actresses, but luckily Reasonover has gotten good compliments about her work so far.

“I didn’t want to feel like a replacement,” Reasonover shared. “But I have fans coming up to me and they’ll say, ‘I wasn’t sure how I was gonna feel about you — but I like you.'”

Before starring on NCIS, Reasonover made a name for herself in several comedies, including 2 Broke Girls and Grace and Frankie. She also has a writing credit for her work on Sarah Silverman’s I Love You, America.

When it comes to being cast for NCIS, Reasonover revealed that she almost missed the audition because she had just undergone knee surgery. Fortunately, auditions ran late and Reasonover was able to get in before the deadline.

After she landed the role, Reasonover was afraid that her knee injury was going to cause problems on the set. But when she arrived to film, her co-stars were more than willing to work with her and showed her the battle scars they had earned over the years.

Perrette gives Reasonover advice

While Reasonover wanted to avoid comparisons between Abby and Kasie, Pauley Perrette offered her good advice when she joined NCIS. During her first day on the job, Perrette told Reasonover that she should be herself in front of the camera.

Reasonover took the advice to heart and admitted that it was super helpful. Perrette, of course, had been a part of the show for well over a decade when she left, so she definitely had plenty of experience to draw from.

In order to help distinguish the characters, producers made sure that Kasie and Abby were different in every way possible. This includes their wardrobes, which, for Kasie, features bright colors and intricate patterns. Abby, on the other hand, was known for her black colors and lace.

Although Reasonover is thankful for the opportunity, she is open to seeing Perrette return to the show at some point. In fact, the actress is hopeful that she will get to share a scene with Perrette once again — though the chances of that are fairly slim.

As fans are well aware, Perrette left the show amid rumors of a growing feud between her and Harmon. Unless the two make amends, Perrette probably won’t be returning to the show anytime soon.

Season 17 of NCIS is scheduled to premiere September 24 on CBS.