‘NCIS’ EPs On Those Ziva and Tony Reunion Rumors

This week is the last episode of NCIS for 2019 and expectations are high with Cote de Pablo returning as Ziva David. In Tuesday night’s installment, titled “The North Pole,” Ziva will be wrapping up her final loose end before she can reunite with Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) and her daughter, Tali. With only one episode left before the midseason finale, what do NCIS executive producers have to say about all those Ziva and Tony reunion rumors?

NCIS Tony Ziva
‘NCIS’ stars Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly | Photo by Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Not a typical Christmas special

NCIS executive producers Steven Binder and Frank Cardea opened up about the upcoming fall finale in a new interview. The producers started by talking about how the upcoming episode is more of a two-part installment instead of a traditional Christmas special, which usually stand on their own.

According to CarterMatt, Binder revealed that De Pablo’s involvement in the NCIS episode pretty much made them switch things up. Although there will be Christmas decorations in the installment, Cardea emphasized that it is not a “typical Christmas episode.”

“We don’t usually bring back former stars of the show for multiple episode runs. One of the things we talked about is how and when we want Ziva to reappear on the show,” Binder shared. “There were certain things we wanted to do, and that will become more apparent once you watch the episode. The timing of it just sort of worked out.”

Binder and Cardea were also asked about the show’s title and what it means for Ziva’s return. They did not reveal much about what “The North Pole” signifies, but they did assure fans that it plays an important part in the installment.

There is no telling what the title will reveal about Ziva’s storyline, but the producers also talked about what she will be doing in the upcoming installment before reuniting with her family.

‘NCIS’ producers talk about Ziva and Tony

Without giving away too much, Binder explained what Ziva has been up to in the years after she faked her death. He relayed that Ziva has been working behind the scenes to take Sahar down, but she has not been working all by herself.

In order to retain her anonymity and still dig up dirt on Sahar, Ziva got help from close friends. NCIS boss Binder revealed that Ziva owes a kind of debt to these people, which is why she has not reunited with Tony and Tali just yet.

“Debts is a bad word, because it feels like she owes someone something transactional. It’s more than that. These are people who have been there for Ziva — they aren’t mercenaries. They are very close to her, and out of that closeness, she wants to make sure everything is good with everybody,” Binder stated

Binder did not say if Ziva and Tony will be reuniting in the coming episode. Even they do not get any screen together, it sounds like the producers want to bring them together, it is just a matter of timing.

Weatherly is currently starring in his own show, Bull, so coordinating his filming schedule with NCIS is not easy. Luckily, the actor has expressed an interest in returning for a quick cameo, so it probably won’t be long before we get a reunion.

What about Ziva and Gibbs?

Ziva and Tony reunion aside, de Pablo’s character will be teaming up with Gibbs (Mark Harmon) once again. The pair worked together in the first two episodes of NCIS this season, and Gibbs is the one who is bringing Ziva back in the upcoming installment.

Earlier in the season, Ziva questioned Gibbs after he failed to look into her suspicious death. Ziva expected Gibbs to dig into what had happened to her and was hurt when she found out that he did nothing.

Cardea revealed that the upcoming episode will explore Ziva’s feelings on that matter, though this time she and Gibbs will come to some kind of understanding.

“We’ll discuss Ziva’s disappointment again that he didn’t come looking for her. That will be resolved, but I think it’s also the past relationship,” he shared.

The NCIS fall finale will also feature Sloane (Maria Bello) beginning to worry about the team working with Ziva so closely. Binder revealed that Sloane, who was not on the show during Ziva’s heyday, has doubts about Ziva but ultimately trusts Gibbs and the rest of the team.

Which ‘NCIS’ character will be reuniting with Ziva?

Tony reunion rumors aside, Ziva is set to return with Jimmy (Brian Dietzen) in “The North Pole.” Dietzen has been sharing photos of him and de Pablo on the set of NCIS, so we know the two have a few scenes together.

In the interview, Cardea revealed that Jimmy will discuss how he missed Ziva when she returned from the dead earlier in the season. He also confirmed that Ziva and Jimmy will have a reunion, which should satisfy fans.

Fans can watch Ziva return to NCIS when “The North Pole” airs December 17 on CBS.