‘NCIS’ Fans Beg Michael Weatherly To Weigh In On Cote De Pablo’s Return As Ziva

Cote de Pablo’s return as Ziva was easily one of the most exciting parts of the Season 16 finale of NCIS. Looking ahead, we still do not know if Ziva will play a big part of Season 17, though we do know that she will appear in the opening episode. While fans wait for any new developments on the Ziva front, they also want to hear what Michael Weatherly thinks about de Pablo reprising her role.

'NCIS' stars Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo
Tony (Michael Weatherly) and Ziva (Cote de Pablo) | Photo by Richard Foreman/CBS via Getty Images

Fans beg Michael Weatherly to break his silence

NCIS fans took to social media shortly after de Pablo appeared as Ziva in the final moments of the Season 16 finale. Most fans reacted positively to seeing de Pablo on the show, but the topic quickly turned to Weatherly. In fact, it did not take long before fans expressed interest in knowing how the Bull star had reacted to seeing his former on-screen lover return to the hit crime procedural.

“I wish Michael Weatherly was still online to react to Ziva’s return,” one fan noted.

Another fan joked that Weatherly had probably deleted his social media accounts because he knew about de Pablo’s return and did not want to field any questions. Weatherly played the part of Tony DiNozzo through the first 13 seasons of NCIS.

Michael Weatherly and de Pablo’s characters were romantically involved towards the end of their respective runs, which is why fans wanted to know how he felt about her surprise return.

Ziva returns in shocking ‘NCIS’ season finale

Producers teased a potential Ziva return mid-way through Season 16. In the episode, “She,” fans watched as Bishop (Emily Wickersham) discovered Ziva’s secret office. Ziva later confirmed that she is still alive when she left Bishop a note asking her to keep everything a secret.

Fast forward to the Season 16 finale and Ziva appeared in Gibbs’ (Mark Harmon) home to warn him about an impending threat. We still have no idea what the threat is, but Ziva’s appearance confirmed that she will be returning in some capacity next season.

NCIS producers have already confirmed that Ziva will be featured in the Season 17 premiere. Beyond that, we have no idea if de Pablo will be brought back as a full-time cast member or not. If she helps Gibbs take down the threat, it is possible that the show will bring Michael Weatherly back for a brief cameo, reuniting Ziva and Tony one last time. Whatever happens, it will be exciting to see where producers take Ziva’s storyline moving forward.

Why is Michael Weatherly off social media?

Unfortunately, Weatherly has not commented on de Pablo’s return to NCIS, mainly because the actor is no longer on social media. According to Pop Culture, Weatherly opted to close all of his social media accounts following his sexual harassment scandal a few months ago.

As fans may recall, Weatherly was accused of making inappropriate remarks towards a female cast member on his show, Bull.

Eliza Dushku, who appeared on the show in 2017, claims that Weatherly sexually harassed her on set. After months of deliberations, CBS awarded Dushku $9.5 million as part of a settlement against Weatherly. The network claims that the money represents what they owed the actress if she had stayed on the show for the remainder of her contract.

After the scandal made headlines, Weatherly released a statement apologizing for his actions. He later deleted his social media accounts, much to the disappointment of NCIS fans.

Will Michael Weatherly return as Tony in Season 17 of ‘NCIS’?

One of the biggest questions surrounding de Pablo’s return is if Weatherly will follow her lead and reprise his role as Tony. Weatherly left NCIS after Season 13 to star on Bull, which was recently renewed for another season. With another packed schedule on his hands,

it is unclear if Michael Weatherly has the time to appear on NCIS next season. Luckily, the writers left Tony’s story pretty open when Weatherly left, so they have plenty of flexibility on that front. Given how fans reacted to de Pablo’s return, there will likely be a strong push to see Weatherly back in action as well.

The new season of NCIS is expected to premiere later this year on CBS.