‘NCIS’ Fans Need to Stop Criticizing Pauley Perrette For Not Being a Spoiled Celebrity

Just like her character on NCIS, Pauley Perrette isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty, and sometimes in the process, she becomes injured. That’s what happened this week when Perrette showed off her recent wrist injury on Twitter.

However, some of her followers just weren’t having it. The exchange turned into a lengthy thread, where Perrette attempted to defend herself. Keep reading to find out what happened. 

Pauley Perrette injured herself and fans attacked her in response

Pauley Perrette
Pauley Perrette | Bill Inoshita/CBS via Getty Images

Perrette first posted a photo of her wrist, explaining that she was trying to open her A/C vent when her hand was caught in the ceiling fan. She called the cut on her wrist a “slash,” but some of her followers remarked that looked like only a nick. 

“OMG I cut myself shaving worse than that,” one user said. However, others were supportive, telling her to take care of herself, and that they hope she got better. Several people remarked that she was very accident-prone, and has been hurt a lot lately. 

Perrette’s next tweet was another photo of her wrist with a bandaid. This time she said that her vein had swelled and turned black under the cut. She asked her followers if they thought it was serious enough to go to the doctor. 

In the photo she posted, it was difficult to see what she was referring to. Most of her followers only saw a bandaid, and some started to remark that she was overreacting- similar to her recent drama with Mark Harmon

“Stop being dramatic,” one person said, but others came to her rescue. “She’s not being dramatic! Stop being a jerk!” 

“You need a Psycho Doc!” another user quipped. A couple users remarked that if she was so accident prone, maybe she should be hiring someone else to do her home repairs. 

Overall though, fans told her that she should indeed seek medical care. And Perrette followed that advice, giving an update a while later. “Went to the ER,” Perrette’s next tweet said in part. “It’s ugly, but will be ok they say…. Much love! I was scared!”

Perrette became defensive on Twitter

It was when Perrette returned from the ER that she must have noticed all the negativity, and became defensive. She answered the haters with two separate tweets defending herself.

“Hey haters, yes I’m accident prone!” the first tweet started, before she went on to explain that she does her own electrical and house repair work, and that she’s “a rough and tumble Alabama kid” and “not a spoiled brat.”

In the next tweet, Perrette continued explaining all the repair work she has done around her house, including replacing her faucet, and gate. She finished her statement by saying, “I’m NOT a spoiled celebrity. I’m a redneck that gets sh*t done! And yeah, I get injured. Worth it!”

Perrette seems to have been most upset about the suggestion that she should hire someone else to do her repairs. Instead, insisting that she is fully capable. 

Do Perrette’s follower’s have a point?

Doing your own home repairs is a perfectly reasonable pastime, and Perrette has every right to feel proud about her accomplishments. It actually seemed like most of the people who suggested she should hire someone to do it for her weren’t trying to be rude, but helpful.

On one hand, if you’re repeatedly getting hurt, it does make sense to hire someone, and doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a spoiled celebrity. But it also makes sense to be proud of doing repairs yourself. 

There’s never an excuse for being a bully online, but users do have a right to express their opinion. A lot of NCIS fans still seem to have a grudge against Perrette for her allegations against Harmon. Because of that, it probably wouldn’t have mattered what Perrette said, Twitter users still would have attacked her. 

When arguing with someone online, it’s always important to remember that there’s a real person on the other end- even when that person is a celebrity. The internet would be a much nicer place if we could all remember that.