‘NCIS’ Fans Say These Two Characters Have Zero Chemistry: The Answer May Surprise You

NCIS has delivered its fair share of captivating interpersonal relationships across the years. Cote de Pablo’s Ziva David and Michael Weatherly’s Tony DiNozzo boasted one of TV’s most celebrated slow-boiling romances for nine seasons. Ziva also retained a commendable father-daughter dynamic with Gibbs, while DiNozzo and Gibbs’ mentor-mentee relationship perfectly balanced comedy with sincerity.

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Though there are several character dynamics deserving of celebration, not all character relationships are created equal in NCIS. Let’s just say not everyone can be Gibbs and Tony or Ziva and DiNozzo. However, if you came to this page expecting to see another rant about the misguided budding romance between Bishop and Torres, you’re in for a surprise. 

Many NCIS fans cannot stand the buddy-buddy relationship that the writers keep pushing between long-time agent McGee (Sean Murray) and the recently added Eleanor Bishop (Emily Wickersham). 

Why many ‘NCIS’ fans feel McGee and Bishop lack chemistry

Many NCIS fans, across different forums and discussion boards, have noted that the writing in NCIS has gone downhill over the last few years, which may explain the show’s drop in ratings and the return of fan-favorite Cote de Pablo. One of the frequently cited problems fans have with the series is the forced comradery between McGee and Bishop. One NCIS enthusiast noted:

They’re also force-feeding us a comradery between Bishop and McGee. Again, no chemistry between these two weak characters and it’s painful to watch them poorly attempt to be ‘playful’, weaker attempt at bonding, and sharing their paper-thin relationships.

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Many feel that Bishop and McGee, as they stand, would have zero likelihood of connecting with one another in the way the show wants you to believe they can. 

Given that NCIS has had to introduce several new characters over the years, it should come as no surprise that the writers are still working out the various dynamics. It is not easy to make sure a character feels like a new and exciting addition, as opposed to a replacement.

Ensuring new dynamics with former agents is one way to avoid too much comparison to since-departed characters (Bishop to Ziva). However, many argue the writers have dropped the ball on this mission. One NCIS viewer, agreeing with the fan’s statement above noted: 

I’m okay with Bishop, I’m okay with McGee but with them together they have 2 characters who are pretty much the ‘bland, nerdy type’ which is really frustrating. Bishop has lost any semblance of the quirkiness she had when first introduced and McGee has become more and more ‘normal’ as the show has progressed to the point where he doesn’t really have any defining characteristic any more.

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Many fans endorse the above idea, arguing that several NCIS characters have lost their unique quirks and appeals; without defining characteristics of their own, how are fans to believe a character can relate to others? As NCIS fans argue, when you put together two characters who have become “bland,” you now merely have two bland characters sharing the screen, as opposed to one. And, as you could presume, such an on-screen pair does not elicit good chemistry.