‘NCIS’ Fans Say This Character Is ‘Lacking’ in Season 17

Mark Harmon’s Agent Gibbs and Cote de Pablo’s Ziva David have been the center of attention this season on NCIS. As the two battle to rediscover their lost trust, fending off those out to destroy them at every turn, the writers over at NCIS seemed to have dropped the ball on another important mainstay.

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With Cote de Pablo back on the show — and absent for a few episodes before she makes her glorious return later in the season — other characters have lost the degree of value they once retained. According to fans, one character, in particular, has grown a bit aggravating, as she seems to lack purpose to the developing narrative this season, while succumbing to a trope in the police drama world.

‘NCIS’ fans say Maria Bello’s Jack Sloane lost her purpose and became a trope

Maria Bello joined NCIS as a forensic psychologist in season 15; as a regular on the show, she challenges Gibbs quite often, as she brings an equally impressive history and fierce mental aptitude to the table. However, this season, she seems to lack an overarching purpose, and her pushiness — her desire for the team to express their vulnerabilities given Ziva’s return — feels cliche and tired.  One NCIS fan, speaking about a recent episode, stated:

The stuff with Jack buzzing around trying to get people to talk was ridiculous and further evidence for why her character needs to go.

The trope about how cops NEVER want to talk to a shrink about their on-the-job traumas is sooo tiresome and predictable.

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In a discussion concerning Sloane, specifically how annoying the character has become in season 17, one fan iterated her apparent lack of value to the season, stating:

I did not like the use of her character in the premiere. Seems to me they didn’t need her in the episode, but Bello’s under contract to appear in every episode, so they made had her unnecessarily reiterate everything Vance told them, which did not do anything for the sense of authority Vance has carried for the last 11 years…

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Fans argue that Jack Sloane has been minimized to a love interest in season 17

Many fans agree that Sloane, when she first joined the show, boasted a strong and important role. However, this season, she has seemingly become a “love interest” for Gibbs, losing her importance as the forensic psychologist with valuable insights, and a firm head on her shoulders. One NCIS enthusiast argued:

I think her character has been lacking this latest season. It’s really unfortunate, because I thought she was gaining traction last season, but this season, she just seems like her only function is going to be a love interest for Gibbs…

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Fans agree that Jack Sloane and Gibbs’ relationship feels forced and, as a result, Jack’s character is coming off as an unnecessary addition in season 17; she is merely functioning as an overused cop trope and a love interest. What happened to the Sloane we’re used to? What happened to the Jack Sloane with a purpose all her own — untethered to the sole needs and character arcs integral to the other agents?