‘NCIS’ Fans Say This Character Needs to Check His Ego at the Door

NCIS has seen its fair share of beloved characters boasting intriguing backstories and contagious personalities. From Tony DiNozzo’s charm and Ziva David’s butt-kicking heroism (with a side of confused idioms) to Abby Sciuto’s nerdy nature and loyalty, the show stays on the air because of the characters, not the narratives. However, as actors come and go, new faces step in to join the team.

The season 16 cast of NCIS. Pictured: David McCallum, Diona Reasonover, Emily Wickersham, Wilmer Valderrama, Sean Murray, Mark Harmon, Maria Bello, Rocky Carroll, Brian Dietzen | Kevin Lynch/CBS via Getty Images

Jamie Lee Curtis’ presence on NCIS was hailed by critics and audiences alike. Lily Tomlin’s brief appearance as Mcgee’s grandmother was met with positive reception, and many have come to appreciate Maria Bello’s Jack Sloane (though her reception remains mixed). 

Yet, one character, in particular, seems to bring a little too much arrogance to the table. Many NCIS fans feel that one of the newer additions needs to lose the ego and find a new shtick. 

‘NCIS’ fans feel Agent Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) is way too arrogant: Here’s what they have to say

In online discussions about the latest episodes and others specifically discussing Agent Torres, one trend quickly emerges: he can be a bit of an egotistical maniac. Let’s just say some people use gentle words, while others use the ones not so PG when describing the character. One NCIS fan stated:

It feels like recently they flanderised him into being a tool. The previous episode of him acting like he was too cool for games was a bit juvenile. It’s an attitude you expect from a 17 year old. I hope they dial it back with him.

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Many concur with the above consensus, noting that his arrogance has emerged as a defining attribute; thus, finding a reason to like the character grows more and more difficult with each passing episode. Another NCIS fan explained Torres as a character who has lost the complexities he once retained:

Torres who used to be the undercover action-packed guy at the DEA is now the judgmental and overly proud gym guy who’s careful about what he eats.

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The above fan explained that Torres contributes to a larger problem NCIS is currently facing: the trio is haphazard and weak He notes that the Torres, Bishop, McGee dynamic just doesn’t work, and Torres is merely one piece of this puzzle. 

Torres’ arrogance in ‘NCIS’ is not new, but it’s growing by the day

In a discussion about season 17, episode nine, one fan explained that Torres’ behavior has grown annoyingly predictable. The fan stated:

Torres once again being a complete ass… not surprised considering the topic of the episode.

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In short, Torres’ arrogance and juvenile behavior — let’s keep in mind he’s always finding a way to pick on Bishop, yet lacks the DiNozzo charm necessary to carry such a disposition — is not new. However, it’s becoming frequent; it’s becoming a character quality as opposed to an occasional quirk. If the NCIS writers continue down this path, fans may grow to despise Torres altogether (as some already do).

If NCIS doesn’t take this character on a new character journey — abandoning the Bishop love story along the way as it’s a weak replacement for “Tiva” — NCIS may grow tired of the show, considering he’s now a main character in the procedural.