‘NCIS’ Fans Say This Season 14 Episode Is One of the Best: An Unsung Hero Receives the Spotlight

Now in its seventeenth season and growing strong — on the back of ever-evolving character dynamics and a devoted fanbase — it goes without saying that NCIS has seen its fair share of hits…and misses. A show that runs for over a decade can’t get by without a few faulty narratives and misplaced dialogue; however, the diamonds in the rough always compensate for the missteps. And, one episode — that goes back a few seasons — really tugs at fans’ heartstrings. 

NCIS cast
‘NCIS’ Cast | Kevin Lynch/CBS via Getty Images

While many NCIS enthusiasts will agree that many of the show’s best episodes came when Abby, Tony, Ziva, and McGee all shared the screen, a few episodes since these characters’ respective departures have managed to gain some recognition and acclaim. One such episode: Season 14, Episode 13. 

Titled “Keep Going,” the episode received some attention in an online Reddit discussion concerning “opinions on the best recent NCIS episodes.” So, what was the episode about, and why do fans favor the narrative to such a great extent? What did it do differently? 

Season 14, Episode 13 of ‘NCIS’ gave James Palmer the spotlight he rarely receives  

In the well-remembered episode of NCIS, James Palmer convinces a man who is about to kill himself that he shouldn’t. As Palmer holds onto the man’s belt — to prevent the innocent from jumping to imminent death — both their lives remain in danger. 

Palmer draws upon his life — his connection to the NCIS team, the emotional turmoil Gibbs has been forced to rise above, his relationship with Ducky, while also discussing the dark and divisive world we find ourselves in. 

Palmer, spending much time talking about the team — forgetting that they are listening in — opens up as a way to connect with the man he’s trying to save. As the whole team listens, your heart begins to crumble — at both the sincerity in every sentence and the vulnerability inherent to the sentiment emerge.

At this moment, Palmer is a hero because of his heart, his brain, and his social perspective — not for his combat skills or his technique with a weapon. He is an unsung hero with a heart of gold who receives his time in the spotlight. So, what do fans have to say about the episode? 

‘NCIS’ fans talk Palmer’s episode 

When discussing Season 14, Episode 13 of NCIS, it becomes clear that it is favored for its emotional impact, and its deep-dive into character dynamics (which has, arguably, kept NCIS on the air for so many years). Fans explained:

…I did happen to see this one on TV one day! Palmer! I really loved this one – he’s such a hero – so glad he’s still there and extra glad he’s so giddy when it comes to Ziva’s return…

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That one is so good! I like the NCIS episodes that are dramatic and over the top, but I’m also a big fan of this one because it’s a bit more subtle, but still really good. 

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Palmer is the man, and this episode reminds fans of such. “She” in season 16 is also a recent fan-favorite mentioned in the discussion; the episode, in short, is the Eleanor Bishop hour.