‘NCIS’: How Will Ziva’s Return Affect Gibbs and Will She Reunite With McGee?

Ziva’s return to NCIS in season 17 has fans more excited about the hit crime drama than ever before, yet her arrival could have a lasting effect on certain members of the team – and for good reason. After being presumed dead for years, Ziva surprised fans when she returned in the season 16 finale. While most of the characters are about to get the shock of their life when they learn that Ziva is still alive, NCIS producer Steven Binder teased that Gibbs might undergo a lot of changes as he adjusts to Ziva’s emergence in season 17.

NCIS Ziva Gibbs
‘NCIS’ Ziva and Gibbs | Photo by Michael Yarish/CBS via Getty Images

How will Gibbs react to Ziva’s return on ‘NCIS’?

Gibbs (Mark Harmon) was the first person to see Ziva (Cote de Pablo) alive when she appeared in his basement with warnings of a mysterious threat. So far, only he and Bishop (Emily Wickersham) know that Ziva did not die in the mortar attack overseas, but the Season 17 trailer makes it clear that the rest of the team will eventually find out the truth.

As far as Gibbs is concerned, there is a lot of uncertainty about when he discovered that Ziva is alive, something that will be teased out this season.

According to Carter Matt, Binder explained how Gibbs experienced a lot of emotions last season, and watching Ziva return will continue that journey. What’s exciting is that we are going to get a completely different Gibbs this season, and everything from the way he acts and thinks about things will change.

This could open the door for a lot of new storylines for the character, including his blossoming relationship with Sloane (Maria Bello). Exactly how that unfolds is yet to be seen, but we cannot wait to see the new Gibbs in action.

“He’s had his best friend’s daughter in a life-or-death situation, and now he’s got Ziva reappearing in his life … We’re going to see a bit more of what happens when a guy like Gibbs decides to start doing things because his emotions are taking him there,” Binder shared.

Will Ziva reunite with McGee?

Apart from Gibbs, another character affected by Ziva’s return is McGee (Sean Murray). When McGee finally figures out that Ziva has been alive this entire time – something the trailer strongly hinted at – he is probably going to be angry that he was kept out of the loop. This is especially true if Gibbs knew about it after all these years.

While McGee might struggle with the revelation, there are several reasons why the series should team him up with Ziva sooner rather than later.

For starters, the characters spent a lot of seasons together before Pablo’s exit in season 11. One reason why the series brought Ziva back is based on this nostalgia, so why not give fans what they want? Putting them together could also be a way to help McGee make amends with Bishop.

Based on the trailer, it is obvious that things are going to be tense between McGee and Bishop after Ziva announces her return. Because of the close bond they shared in the past, Ziva could easily help McGee get over Bishop’s deceit and move on.

What about Tony?

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding Ziva’s return is whether or not she will reunite with Tony (Michael Weatherly). In season 13, Tony discovered that he is the father of Ziva’s daughter. He then left the team to raise her following Ziva’s death. Of course, we now know that Ziva went into hiding to protect her family from the threat, which opens the door for a reunion once the danger has passed.

In the meantime, McGee could be a good source for information about Tony. We still do not know if Tony is aware of Ziva’s true fate. If he is, there is a strong chance that Ziva would want to send him a message. Out of all the members of the team, McGee is the most likely to have remained in contact with Tony and could help relay information between the parties.

This, of course, would depend on Gibbs and Ziva neutralizing the threat. Once that happens, Ziva should be in a good position to reunite with her family after all these years.

Season 17 of NCIS is scheduled to premiere September 24 on CBS.