‘NCIS’: Is Cote de Pablo the Coolest Person on the Show?

For fans of NCIS, one of the most heart-wrenching stories in the show was the supposed death of Ziva David when she left the show in 2013.

Her strong father-daughter bond with Gibbs and romantic tension with her partner, Tony, created an international fanbase for her character. As former Israeli military, her character displayed one of the toughest and strongest women on television with intelligence that is just as strong. 

The world was shocked at her return last season when she revealed herself to Gibbs, warning him about a potential threat according to Digital Spy. This shock turned into excitement as it was announced fans would see her reprise her role in four upcoming episodes of NCIS.

This excitement begs the question, is Cote de Pablo the coolest person on NCIS?

Cote de Pablo is loved by her fans

Cote de Pablo being interviewed about NCIS
Cote de Pablo | Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Fans adore de Pablo’s character on NCIS, Ziva. This was evident when fans discovered she would be leaving the show several seasons back, and her storyline ended with her presumed death. Heartbroken but loyal, her fans supported her career through several projects outside of NCIS such as Dovekeepers, a TV miniseries. 

In several interviews, de Pablo has mentioned her fans as being her constant reason for her career and also her return to NCIS. No matter where she travels, she is met with fans that appreciate her adaptation of Ziva, and her representation of a strong international woman.

While de Pablo has mentioned several times that her fans keep her in the acting business, she has experienced a fanbase that spans beyond the North American continent, and into the continents of Europe and Asia.

At one point, de Pablo took her family on a vacation to the other side of the world, just to be greeted by fans. 

While de Pablo adores her fans in the same way, she has decided to refrain from very much social media interaction, in an attempt to protect her and her family’s privacy. 

The cast was just as excited for her return

Mark Harmon, who plays Special Agent Gibbs, kept her return a secret from the rest of the cast, giving them quite a surprise after they filmed her return scene.

de Pablo has described working with the cast as though she never left, especially when she made her surprise return for the past season 16 finale. 

While there are a few new cast members on set since de Pablo departed, most of the cast has remained the same, and she was able to jump right in as though no time had passed at all.

They were very excited to see her after discovering that she was returning and had even filmed her iconic scene with Mark Harmon.

How long can fans expect Ziva to stay?

Currently, Ziva’s return is only projected to be a temporary visit, as she has come out of hiding to protect Gibbs from an old threat. While fans are hoping for more of a storyline for Ziva, there is no mention of her being brought back to the show full-time.

Fans are also starting to question if her old flame, Tony, played by Michael Weatherly will return to the NCIS screen, in hopes to reunite the two and allow Ziva a chance to see the daughter she left behind when she faked her death and went into hiding. 

Only time will tell if Ziva David will become a more regular occurrence on the show, now that her character has resurrected. For now, fans and cast members can bask in her presence and enjoy Cote de Pablo, as she hangs around the set, if only for a little while.