‘NCIS: Los Angeles:’ Daniela Ruah Reveals Challenges of Motherhood in Recent Instagram Post

Daniela Ruah has been playing Special Agent Kensi Blye on the hit show NCIS: Los Angeles for the past 11 years. While fans are used to seeing the actress in the role of a crime fighter, in real life Ruah is the mom of two young children.

The actress recently shared some candid thoughts on motherhood via Instagram, giving her followers a glimpse of the struggles she faces on the home front.

Daniela Ruah of “NCIS: Los Angeles” | Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Adjustments at work

Married to David Paul Olsen, who happens to be co-star Eric Christian Olsen’s brother, Ruah and her husband welcomed son River in 2013, followed by daughter Sierra in 2016. She discussed some of the adjustments she had to make on the show due to its physical demands while pregnant with her daughter.

“They haven’t cut back. They just get someone else to do it for me, which drives me nuts,” she told Parade in 2016 when asked if the show had cut back on her action scenes. “I do a lot of physical activity, but my inability to not do things stems more from people caring for me, more so than my lack of wanting to do it.”

While the actress shared that she missed taking over the action scenes herself, she knew it was best for her baby. “I would probably still be doing everything if they would let me, but it’s good that they don’t because it is probably not safe for her,” Ruah said.

More on-the-job modifications

When pregnant with Sierra, Ruah knew she would want to get back to work after delivery but also planned to provide her newborn with the healthiest nourishment possible. The actress was thankful for a very flexible and understanding work environment that allowed her to ‘prep’ Sierra’s meals.

“I plan on breastfeeding like I did for River,” Ruah told People in 2016. “On set, I fed him and pumped. One day, we were behind schedule, so I put a hoodie over my pump and went to rehearsal. There was that ‘wah-wah-wah’ sound, and everybody was like, ‘What is that?’ I said, ‘I’m pumping,’ and that was it. They were unfazed. You do what you have to do.”

Action off camera

Ruah’s physical demands continue off camera since she is the hands-on mom to 6-year-old River and 3-year-old Sierra. She recently posted a photo of herself from 2016 pumping breast milk while holding Sierra as a baby, with River by her side, hoping to show all that is required of caring for little ones.

“In this pic I was home alone with the kiddos going through the morning routine (my hubby is the most present incredible dad, but on this day he left for work early),” Ruah captioned the pic. “I was and am a very happy mom but there is no doubt that the first year of motherhood was CHALLENGING – emotionally, mentally & physically…That is a joyful yet exhausted smile.” 

The NCIS: Los Angeles star went on to share her true motivation for her message, focusing on the health of mothers. “But my post today carries a bigger purpose- it is for the #oneforyearone campaign to raise awareness for maternal health,” she wrote on Instagram. “For every post using #oneforyearone@LittleSpoon will donate to @EveryMomCounts. The more posts, the more they are able to donate and raise attention to some alarming facts about the state of maternal health, for ex. The maternal mortality rate continues to rise in the US each year. It is also the highest maternal mortality rate of any developed country.”

She ended her post asking others to comment on their experiences during their first year of motherhood. Ruah is sure to get an even greater fan following for her authenticity.

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